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Senator Raphael Warnock’s deleted tweets about Easter reflect religious and political turmoil over Christianity.

For the thousands of people who saw the tweet, it meant a lot of different things.

For many conservative Christians, the tweet has defied the core of their faith: the realistic resurrection of Jesus is the way to salvation. For many progressive and moderate Christians, Warnock appears to have said that being closer to God is their act rather than what they do to ease suffering and bring justice. The pursuit of social justice is especially focused on the black church.

Ed Stetzer, who led evangelism and missionary programs at Wheaton College where he was executive director of the Billy Graham Center, fell into the former camp and said he was glad the tweet was deleted.


6;It does not reflect Biblical Christianity or the teachings of the gospel. “He said by referring to First Corinthians 15:14:” This verse makes it clear, “and if Christ had not been raised, all our sermons were useless and you. Faith is useless. ‘Christianity is certainly more than the resurrection of Jesus. But that historical resurrection is the underlying truth that Christianity is. ”

The tweet has also been criticized, especially by conservative political figures, including broadcaster and Podcaster Allie Stuckey:

And Donald Trump’s lawyer Jenna Ellis, who claims he won the 2020 election unfounded:

The tweet from Warnock’s account, a progressive Christian who received two masters and a doctorate from the Liberal Union Theory College, was taken off Sunday later. A member of his office said: “The tweet was posted by the authorities and not approved,” but will not say further whether it reflects Warnock’s belief, who wrote it, or why it was removed.

While Warnock was known as a passionate preacher who was not shy of the controversy, deleting the tweet, some observers said Monday showed it daily. Political and religious mines, black leaders must lead

Nicole Phillips, director of the Black Church Studies Program at Emory University, said the controversy over the tweet echoed the events of the late 2000s when Barack Obama was called away from pastors. His governance, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, while theological differs in other ways of Wright. Theology, like Warnock, is It is rooted in the theology of black people’s liberation, which sees life through the lens of racial oppression and the idea that anything that does not deliver is inconsistent with Jesus.

Obama came out against pastors in 2008 after Wright’s comments not only But harsh criticisms of the US treatment of black people. But also highlighted Louis Farrakan, the leader of the black nationalist group, Nation of Islam, who made anti-Semitic views.

“I think he has to be careful with his words,” Phillips said of Warnock. I think it shows that there hasn’t been much change. ”

But Phillips and other experts on black baptism and church beliefs noted a wide range of Christian beliefs about the Resurrection, a biblical milestone in the day. Easter Some may view it as a character. But some people do not see Some may view faith as a necessity to be a Christian other than to do it.

“The truth is that Christian traditions do not share the same interpretation and understanding of Christ’s sacrifice or resurrection,” she said. The martyrs of Jesus as the matriarch of their own rebirth. “

While Phillips said her views may It is not “mainstream” for Christians, different beliefs are common. In reading her second tweet, she said she felt it was not more preaching to Christians. But it is creating an issue for all Americans.

It is said: “Weeks and weekends are greater if they do not deny Christianity’s association with the Resurrection.” Using others in the service of others, you will experience a kind of salvation. ”

Rev. Dr. Serene Jones, president of the union with Warnock, said criticism of him was part of an ongoing political smearing campaign.

“For months before the election, critics took Sen. Warnock’s sermons out of context and framed them outside the mainstream. But in reality, his belief is in the prophetic tradition of the black people that Dr. Martin Luther King was most pronounced, ”Jones wrote in a statement to The Post.“ Warnock’s Sen. tweeted Easter emphasized the very essence of the Christian faith – caring for the things. God created ‘the least.’ The resurrection of Jesus Christ shows that God’s love for us is stronger than death. Christians must avoid the temptation to narrowly define the meaning of salvation that stops us from pursuing the goal of universal love. ”

Doug Weaver, professor of Baptist studies at Baylor University, noted that while most of the Baptists in the United States were conservative, religious and political, But there were also many moderate and liberal baptists. Among the Black Baptists, he said, even more anti-abortion and socially conservative people tend to be identified with the principle of liberation and the need to highlight justice, Weaver said.

“He’s definitely on the left. But he’s part of the social gospel of the black church, ”he said.“ The black church values ​​personal salvation. But oppression is now equal. How are you working with oppression now? “

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