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Serena Williams leaves Wimbledon with injury.

Coco Gauff, a 17-year-old American watching television in a Wimbledon gym. She said she had to take her eyes off the screen.

“It was hard for me to watch this,” Gauff said. “I’m a huge fan of her. Even though I’m a competitor now But you’re the reason I started playing tennis. It’s hard to watch any players get hurt. but especially her.”

Marija Cicak, Chair Referee climbed from her position and soon alongside Williams Together they walked to the net. with Williams retired and shook hands of the 100th-ranked Sasnovic.

It was the second consecutive retirement in the Center Court. In previous matches, France’s Adrian Mannarino stopped playing early in the fifth set against eight-time Wimbledon champion Roger Federer.

Federer said when notified of Williams’ retirement: “This is obviously bad as a match in a row. And hit Serena too.” “I can’t believe it.”

After collecting her belongings Williams limped off from the center court. Her accreditation badge hung from her hand. and plays her traditional Peruette. But after waving to the audience for the final round She stumbled again as she reached the corridor behind the most famous tennis court. for the last time she won the men’s singles title in 2016, despite her standing. But she needs help walking into the clubhouse.

Williams, 39, is chasing a record 24th Grand Slam title since returning to the Tour in 2018 after Olympia gave birth to her daughter. She is 6th at Wimbledon. She remains the favorite for the title by many bookmakers alongside world number 1 Ashleigh Barty.

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