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Shadow and Bone’s Netflix video compares the series to the Bardugo books.

Jessie Mai Lee, Alina, who is the proper defender.

Jessie Mai Lee as Alina, the defenseless defender.
image: A. Netflix

When a book franchise has the same fiery fan base as Leigh Bardugo. GrishaverseSome fans are always complaining about deviations from sources, even if the books need to be brought to a live performance, however, Netflix is ​​confident. Shadow and bone The TV series is so good, no fan can fault it, and is there any proof?

Netflix released a video titled “Booktubers React to Shadow and Bone – Don’t Mess This Up,” which Grisha fans and book reviewers on YouTube. Jenani, Cindyand Christine Watch clips of the show before the show launches. They helped clarify some issues regarding the show’s lore and character relationships, and they had a few questions about how Netflix would handle certain stories. But can they find any of the elements that streaming services do in reality?

No, they can’t! They have complaints about Darkling’s character, but that’s really the source’s fault. But they generally show consistent adjustments with compliments, although most of them are the source of doing it. There’s no world where Netflix will release a trailer with fans justifying the right level of complaints. (Or illegal) acting But the video felt genuinely protected … if not a bit hopeless. Which is strange, since the TV series received a very warm response, which received a 94 percent viewer approval rating. Rotten Tomatoes. They are ok. You are doing very well! You don’t have to prove anything to anyone, especially Grishaverse uber fans, who are never convinced that the show is offensive, whether other fans believe otherwise.

Netflix also released a few other behind-the-scenes from the show, including a quick look at creating the action scene (along with the boring little VFX that comes with the movement):

And this video that the actor Ben Barnes Talking about his character The villain and observe the ass hole Darkling Barnes is … I’m not sure he’s exactly. sympathetic To the fate of the characters But he clearly sees humanity within Grisha’s terrifying and terrifying leader.

If you haven’t seen the show yet, you should, as Booktubers agree, that’s fine! Shadow and boneThe first season is now streaming on Netflix right now.

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