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Shannon Sharpe is not happy with Kyrie Irving’s antics with the Brooklyn Nets.

Kyrie Irving wasn’t the only unhappy camp at the beginning of this NBA season.

Irving, as you’ve heard, missed last week’s game due to the Washington, D.C. riots, but it’s unclear if last week’s events were the catalyst for his absence, especially after the ER. Irving was seen at a party during his absence.

Shannon Sharpe was unhappy with Irving’s latest antics and the former NFL star let him have it on Wednesday’s episode of “Undefeated” on FS1.

“If I were his teammate, I would be sued. If I were a net, I would feel even worse, ”Sharpe said.“ Let me take it back – if I were his teammates, I was sued. The Nets shouldn’t have taken the mark because they knew what they got. They know he̵

7;s moody. They know that he is kind. And they know where he has these races, and people say Kyrie will be fine one day, then he’ll go a month or two without speaking to anyone. So you know exactly what you’re getting. “

As Sharpe puts it, is what some teams call “production losses”. Players who generate impressive numbers will affect a team’s tolerance for their behavior throughout the season, no matter what the situation.

So Sharp offered a harsh response to Irving’s situation.

“My is the cross – and I’ve always said this – whether Kyrie is dealing with it or not, dealing with it is no problem,” Sharpe said. Said he didn’t show up, he should have done that to the net. He should have done that to Steve Nash. He should have given Sean Marks that courtesy. But he had already told Steve Nash what he thought of him when he said ‘We don’t need a coach.’ The level of disrespect is already there in that name… Kyrie Irving does not view Nash as equal, even though he won those MVPs. That was disrespect for him to keep saying that.

“So during the game, do you want to make a teleconference about the people working in the DA’s office? really? really? And everyone goes saying ‘Oh man, he’s dealing with (things), okay? Deal with it ‘

“The obvious level of disrespect Kyrie Irving showed this teammate and to the organization. But I wasn’t even in a bad mood because the Nets were willing to sign this because it meant they got Kevin Durant too, I believe that if they got Kevin Durant without Kyrie, they would have passed. But it’s a cross package deal. When they say you get two for one and you can’t buy them separately, you have to buy them both, even if you only need one – and that’s what they have to do. They buy both items, even if they only want one.

“Kyrie Irving, whatever he goes through, I wish him the best. I hope everything will be fine But there was a level of disrespect that he showed was very unprofessional. And he is like that … I don’t know whose fault it was. But it’s the fault of someone who is not Kyrie in Boston, now he’s in Brooklyn, where he wants to stay. Now I want to know who is wrong. this Is. Kyrie has to deal with what he does, but Kyrie has to maintain that level of professionalism. No matter what difficulties you face, you need to be professional at all times because you are in a professional environment. ”

Time will tell how Irving responded to the court.

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