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Sharon Osborne denied Cheryl Underwood’s apology.

It doesn’t take long

Sharon Osbourne is responding to Sherrill Underwood’s claims. Osbourne never contacted or apologized to her after they released the news on “The Talk” on March 10.

Underwood, 57, on the latest episode of her podcast, “The World, Follow Sheryl,” revealed that she had not spoken to Osborne since when she was talking, and when asked if Osborne was “the best thing about him?” Nah reached out to her hand and replied, “No!” Scroll through her phone’s messages for evidence.

But Osborne, 68, released her own Tuesday receipt to the Daily Mail, sending a screenshot of the message she claimed to be sent to Underwood and told the website, “I̵

7;m not just texting, but not just texting.” These are only to Sheryl, but I apologize to her myself in her dressing room. Why do you say I never apologize to Cheryl? What are you trying to do with me? Why are you trying to ruin my reputation? Just be honest, tell me. “

“’Cheryl, my heart is heavy and I am deeply saddened by what happened Wednesday,” read one of the screenshots provided by Osborne on March 12.

“I don’t want to lose a true friend on this matter. I’m sorry to tell you to stop dating during the break. I’m sorry to accuse you of fake cried while we were on air, and I’m sorry for causing me to lose my temper with you. ”

Osborne continued, “I was shocked, scared and saddened by what I felt was a blind attack. You know me. You will know how I have your back. We’ve done more than everyone else in this tournament and that’s because we are a team and always help each other. ”

“I consider you a true friend. If you want to talk on the phone over the weekend, I’m here. I apologize once again from the bottom of my heart. Is there anything you want from me or I can do to help you heal? Always love and respect – Sharon ”

A follow-up message from March 15th read, “Hi Sheryl, I know you’re taking up space and I don’t want to disrespect it. I just reach out because I need you. [to] Know i’m missing you If you’re welcome, can we talk before Wednesday? Big kiss “

Osborne’s final memoir on March 18 reads, “Cheryl, I miss you. Hope you are fine. Send my love “

March 15, a six extra page appears to confirm the Osborne version of the incident, with a source telling us: “She sent a message. [Underwood] A thorough, emotional and heartfelt apology on Friday the 12th “It was very personal and Sheryl didn’t go back to her.”

Osborne left “The Talk” two weeks after a heated argument with Underwood over the defense of Piers Morgan Osborn’s friend, who left his own show in England after Meghan Markle gives an interview with Meghan Markle’s Oprah Winfrey.

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