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Should you buy the iPhone 12 now or wait for the iPhone 13?

The iPhone 12 is a great mobile phone, and the acquisition right now might be better than waiting for the next iPhone to be.

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The iPhone 12 was released last fall and the model New iPhone 13 (Or will it be the iPhone 1

2S?) Will arrive Fastest in september Does it make sense to buy the iPhone 12 right now? The simple answer is yes and no. Depending on your specific situation, purchasing the current model for months during its lifetime may work. But it looks like the next version is just a few months away, things get a little more complicated.

So if you’re on the fence which way to go, it’s understandable. But don’t stress. This guide explains when you should go in one direction or the other. That way, you can be sure that you’re calling right.

If you’re still using an outdated iPhone, upgrading to iPhone 12 immediately makes a lot of sense.

Sarah Tew / CNET

Using an older, outdated iPhone?

One of the best reasons to snap a new phone is because your current phone is hopelessly outdated. If you are the owner of the file IPhone 11, Upgrade to file iPhone 12 Now may not be worth it. You won’t notice a significant difference in performance and features, especially when compared to the What should come with the iPhone 13?However, if you can wait until September, your patience will stand a chance of being rewarded.

Calculus is very different for owners of older iPhones, for example. iPhone X Series. For the iPhone 12, it offers an advanced A14 Bionic CPU with an OLED display. Both of these improvements represent a major upgrade over the phone a few years ago.

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5G speed requirement

5G wireless is not available everywhere, and so are its capabilities. slightly overhypedThat said The iPhone 12 is the first and only iPhone to date to support 5G.So, if you have a strong desire to connect to a 5G cellular network and have access to it, the iPhone 12 will immediately cause itching. Of course, the iPhone 13 is often tied to 5G, so the wait is fine, for example. together

Living with a damaged iPhone screen is no fun.

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Broken screen, dead battery, and more reasons to get a new iPhone now.

Living with equipment that is damaged or does not work well can be difficult. For example, it is difficult to ignore a broken screen because you see bugs every day. Just like a broken battery that cannot hold as much charge as it once did, if your iPhone is experiencing these frustrating issues, an immediate upgrade to the iPhone 12 is reasonable.

The iPhone 12’s ceramic shield screen held up well during our torture testing.

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The iPhone 12 has a ceramic display.

One of the big improvements to the iPhone 12 is the material of the display, Apple calls it glass. The “Ceramic Shield” is made by Corning Glass. The ceramic shield that covers the phone screen is harder than most metals. When can we confirm the strength of the iPhone 12’s ceramic protective shell? We put it to the testMobile phone So if you’re big and prone to slipping, this pop-up for today’s iPhone models is a smart move. Those who feel they can avoid mishaps may want to wait until September.The iPhone 13 is likely to come with a ceramic shield.

New features in work

The iPhone 13 will come with all the brand new features that the iPhone 12 is definitely missing. The rumor mill was right.The device will have a 120Hz display and will be the first iPhone to do so. Now that the iPhone 12’s screen has a 60Hz refresh rate, the faster refresh rate translates to smoother scrolling through apps and websites.Apple might as well improve the iPhone 13’s camera, something the company does every year. This please note that Apple only provides software updates. To the phone for a limited time, wait too long and you will eventually be locked from the latest operating system.

Price can be a deciding factor.

It’s a saying that talks about money. If you can find a big deal on the iPhone 12, it might be enough to alleviate your quandary. Maybe you are planning to change your service provider. In that case, the wireless carrier you want to move to may be offering a special trade-in offer. Can make a lot of compensation for a new phone Also, consider holding off until the iPhone 13 is announced. Then the price of the iPhone 12 will certainly be reduced depending on What the iPhone 13 becameA huge drop in the iPhone 12 price might be a better option.

And while we don’t know exactly what the iPhone’s price will be, We made some informed guesses.Then again, Apple could sell it for less, Samsung and Google asked for less cash for files. Galaxy S20 FE and Pixel 5 In 2020 Samsung Galaxy S21 There is a $ 200 discount compared to the previous model.

Cross your fingers.

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