Former NFL quarterback coach John Beck, who spent time with the Miami Dolphins, the Baltimore Ravens, Washington Football Team and the Houston Texans, has worked with former Ohio State defender Justin Fields. Field is, of course, the favorite to have been drawn number 3 overall by the San Francisco 49ers.

Beck also worked with Trey Lance of North Dakota State and Zach Wilson of BYU.

Matt Barrows of The Athletic wrote a lecture on Beck this week. The replacement coaching quarterback worked with 49ers head coach Kyle Chanahan during their time together in Washington and the two remain close. This should be very helpful as the Niners continue to gather information on Fields to go along with their homework on Trey Lance of North Dakota State and Mac Jones of Alabama.

“Knowing that I had been around (the fields) for the past three months, he would be in touch and just wanted to ask a question or have a conversation,”

; Beck told The Athletic. How does a quarterback coach? I know what he is looking for, so I think it is an easy addition to Kyle in terms of my eyesight on a defender. ”

NFL Media’s Michael Silver said Beck was not the only source of information linked to Fields having an affair with Shanahan.Another personal coach who worked with the former Buckeye was Ron Vale. (Ask Patrick Tulini to find out)

Veal is reportedly an original member of the QB Collective, an organization made up of NFL coaches and experts working with young defenders. The QB Group has ties to Kyle and his father, Mike Shanahan, and Veal remains “involved. Very much “

Jones is the favorite to land with San Francisco through the draft. However, due to Fields’ workouts in front of several NFL teams this week, including the 49ers, Ohio State products have the best chance of heading to the Bay Area.Fields is also a favorite among fans. To see powerful commuters pairing up with great players like Shanahan.

The 2021 NFL Draft is scheduled to begin on April 29 and take place in Cleveland, Ohio.