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Simon Cowell Leaves ‘X Factor Israel’ Judgment Duty – Deadline

Simon Cowell lifts planned stint as judge of new series The X Factor Israel Which is scheduled to air on Reshet 13 later this year, the impetus for reports of Cowell’s withdrawal has not been formally clarified, though. London Jewish News The source said “For many reasons He can’t be filming in Israel right now… Of course, he was bitterly disappointed — but it was a decision he had to make.” The source declined to say whether Cowell’s decision was a result of the recent conflict between Israel and Hamas, the source reported.

Cowell last August His back was injured by an electric motorcycle. and later spent the second half of 2020 recovering from complex surgeries. In December 2020, it was announced that he would take on the role of a referee for the fourth season of fourth Israeli version The X Factor.

Previously, he was forced to miss the live performance of America̵

7;s Got Talent In 2020, as a result of his accident, the NBC show replaced him with guest judges, including Kenan Thompson, during the first two quarter-finals. Before the rest of the tournament format was run with only three referees.

Cowell’s appearance on the Israel show will be the first time he’s judged on a show he has created outside the UK and US. when it was announced that he joined Israel X Factorhe said “Over the years The X Factor Discover incredible talents from all over the world. I can’t wait to see what Israel has to offer.”

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