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Simpsons writer John Swartzwelder gives a rare interview.

John Swartzwelder's cameo in The Simpsons

John Swartzwelder’s cameo in The Simpsons
Screen shot: A. The simpsons

for The simpsons Fans had a strong opinion of what episodes were “good times,” which is just a fact given by legendary writer John Swartzwelder. A very rare interview New Yorker It should be enough to click on that link ASAP and see what he has to say about. “Homer’s enemy” Or a story where he was specially approved to work from home and bought a booth that he had written at his favorite restaurant and installed it in his house. (Yes, he talks about both.) For everyone else, this is the pitch: Swartzwelder is content (Maybe Content) best writer ever to work. The simpsonsHe was in charge of almost all the best jokes in the best episodes until he left the show in 2003.He was also a recluse and seldom interviewed, which means this isn’t just an insight into the great writers’ creative process. only But also one of Some insights into this genre. ever– And the interview is really funny.

In an interview, Swartzwelder explained that one of the reasons he got into comedy writing was because it seemed like an easy job, or at least a job that he could do whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted. He talks about getting big laughs from the plays he wrote as a kid. But not from what he thought was the funniest part, and he later sent an unsolicited joke packet to Late Night with David Letterman In the hope of getting hired, he wrote a short for SNL And in a few sitcoms But writing a joke for Cyney’s comedy (eg, “They can kill Kennedy, why can’t they make good coffee?”) Got him noticed. The simpsons Sam Simon, the producer who brought him into the show.

The whole thing is pretty cool, even if you’re not a fan of the classics. The simpsonsAnd that includes details about how the writer works, which episodes are favorites of Swartzwelder, and how his episodes are written will involve going through it as quickly as possible. He is credited with suggesting the word “meh” to “meh”. The simpsons Canon explains that he wrote Homer as if he were a talking dog (“At one point he was the saddest man in the world because he had just lost his job or dropped a sandwich or killed his family by mistake. In the next period He’s the happiest man in the world ”) and politely refused. The simpsons Fans use “Swartzweldian” as an adjective because it sounds so awkward.

So how would you describe your sense of humor, your sense of humor?


Swartzwelder also offers a new perspective on his legacy, saying it was a writer like him who convinced people to read the credits of their favorites, and he said anyone interested in a career that involved making people. If you laugh, you should worry. It’s about making yourself laugh, “At least you can laugh.”

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