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Skull Session: Keith Byars, Notre Dame recruits are ineligible for special treatment, and playoffs benefit a group of five.

The Buckeyes may not know anything about the ’90s, but they at least remember the gentle gentleman when they saw it.

That day means opinions. “He got all the women.”

Word of the Day: Rollick

“That’s not a decision I’ve ever regretted.” Recruitment may look like little Today is completely different than it was 40 years ago, but its essence is pretty much the same – the team does everything they can to convince the best players to play in the academy instead of someone else̵


And that’s what happened to Keith Byars.

A phone rang in Byars’ home in Dayton, Ohio, in January 1982. Just before the national signing day, Keith Byars’ sister answered and shouted, “Coach Hayes.” He was on the phone. Keith thought it was a thing. funny but when he answered the call He remembered the same sound he had heard all his life while watching Ohio State games as a child.

“He yelled at me because I wasn’t bound in Ohio,” Byars said with a laugh. “He said, ‘You don’t want to be great, boy? I heard good things A lot about you.’ I was like, ‘Did you hear about me?’ He said, ‘Every great player in Ohio is in Ohio!’ So I was blown away.”

It looks like Byars is destined to go to Ohio. That decision he still calls the best of his life. He ran through the notebooks in Columbus and he is now the 26th former Buckeyes player to form the College Football Hall of Fame.

“My heart and head were saying Ohio State,” Byars said. “That wasn’t a decision I ever regretted. From day one, I knew I had always chosen the right college. So being able to play for Earle Bruce’s Hall of Fame coach was a blessing. He taught me a lot. We had excellent coaching staff while I was there. and have friends all over it.”

The best part about this whole story is that by 1982, Woody hadn’t coached the Buckeyes for four years. But he’s still out there demanding and bullying the boys to surrender in Ohio because “Every great player in Ohio is in Ohio!”

What a legend

cry, not she For the most heartbreaking moments the College Football Playoff has ever had and will continue in the future. They managed to amend this new proposal ridiculously successful:

And of course, the Gold Domes were losing their minds about it.

I would like to clarify something, though: this is not the College Football Playoff attempting to manipulate Notre Dame or force them to attend meetings, but the College Football Playoff has refused to give Notre Dame any special treatment they feel entitled to. If they choose to live independently

irish really They are treated just like everyone else here and that’s what drives them crazy. It’s a very hilarious brand.

And frankly, it’s about damn time. I’m tired of reading about “The Power Five and Notre Dame” like the program is close enough to be good enough to merit any special charisma.

When you really break it down, they are only Michigan if the Wolverine reserves enter the College Football Playoff a few times by playing the ACC schedule.

good for a group of five This new offering isn’t great news for Notre Dame, but it’s good news for the Group of Five teams, especially with this minor wrinkle:

Personally, I’m all for this. If the Pac-12 champion – or any other Power Five champion for that matter – deserves a lot less than a Group of Five team, bid on the Group of Five team.

bad news The extended playoffs are new and exciting. But I’m afraid it’s just masking the worst part of the whole process. which will remain in that place That’s the selection committee.

Therefore, we will continue to receive a total lack of transparency. completely disregarding their own criteria And the amazing inconsistency we all love to hate.

The good news is, you’d think with a much bigger playoff pitch. There will be much less room for controversy and upsetting the fanbase. Unfortunately, you are terribly wrong.

Cool. Cool. I’m sure they handle this well every year. Can’t wait.

song of the day “Best Friend” by Harry Nilsson

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