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Small steps to normalcy and other observations from Browns rookie mini camper.

CLEVELAND, OH – The NFL released new advice to the team on Friday, allowing fully vaccinated coaches and players to go around venues, whether in Indoor or outdoor The record came while the Browns were on the training ground and it didn’t take long to spread the word.Few people removed their masks in the middle of the session.

“I was told while we were on the pitch,” Kevin Stefanski said after training when he heard the news, “so just try to make sure we comply.”


It’s weird to see a coach on the pitch without a mask – Stefanski joked that there are people he doesn’t know what they look like – despite a slight step towards normal. But Friday also offered some of the more bizarre football events.

This weekend’s rookie mini-camp roster is 18.It usually looks like going to a weekend training camp – with trial players, players are technically still in the first year and free agents who aren’t drafted. On the roster of the right size, coupled with the team’s draft options – look instead of a small gathering.

Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah Working mostly on his own with coach Jason Tarver, line player Anthony Schwartz and wide receiver experimenter Johnnie Dixon, it was not left for a substitute with wide receiver coach Chad O’Shea.

“It’s a very good teacher-student ratio in a few positions,” Stefanski said.

So amid signs of progress, with the starting lineup in the spring and the coach showing their faces, there is still a way to go and play football as usual.

Role search

Strategy chief Paul DePodesta said on the night of Browns draft Owusu-Koramoah that Tarver, Stefanski and defense coordinator Joe Woods were already on the whiteboard to figure out how to deploy the new weapon within minutes of making the selection.

Not long ago, but Owusu-Koramoah Have you attached to what they have planned?

“It will be similar. But it’s not too similar to where I played at Notre Dame, ”Owusu-Koramoah said. That’s where I’m working now, number 3 and something like that. Which will increase But for now, that’s what I’m studying. ”

Mess with blocking or messing with not playing.

We know about Schwartz’s speed, it’s the reason Brown took him in the third round. We also know that recipients are expected to block Schwartz knows it well, even if it’s not what they dig into.

“That’s one of our three keys playing the receiver for us,” he said.

Schwartz, of course, worked with Jarvis Landry, so he could have done worse than following in the footsteps of a blockbuster veteran.

“I know it’s something I have to improve,” Schwartz said. “It’s something I want to improve. It will help me get into the field. It will help me be more in the field. I can’t wait to start that part and can’t wait to see the development from my college career so far in terms of blogging perspective.

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