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Small Study Suggests Unusual Treatment for Depression


Can laughing gas treat severe depression? Scientists began to ask that question. And the answer seems promising. In a small study of only 24 people, 96% were white and 70% were women, nitrous oxide helped relieve treatment-resistant depression. Larger trials are planned, statistical reports Nitrous oxide—laughing gas—acts the same receptors as ketamine. It was approved in 201
9 for depression that is not relieved by other drugs. New scientists report that both work by blocking the receptor. N-methyl-D-aspartate When ketamine treatment was found to work, anesthetist Peter Nagele, one of the study authors, I wonder if nitrous oxide will be the same?
The results showed that after spending an hour breathing in 50% nitrous oxide, most participants felt better. Some people experience headaches, nausea, and other side effects. from laughing gas So the researchers tried a 25% treatment that seemed to have almost the same effect. Participants are their own control group. Each person received 50% and 25% treatment plus oxygen alone. and compare the results for themselves. According to NBC News, a small group overall reported feeling much better. And small studies allow scientists to plan larger experiments.

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