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Smuggled Nvidia card found after high-speed boat chase

only A week after the arrest of a Chinese citizen involved in a rogue and luxury car maker. Authorities seized hundreds of smuggled Nvidia cards after a speedboat chased in waters near Hong Kong International Airport.

such as Tom’s hardware Have translatedFrom a Chinese store TVB NewsOver the weekend, police saw a fishing boat suspiciously anchored near the airport at 2am in the morning, and an inspection found that a man was moving goods from the fishing boat to a nearby speedboat.

As the police approached, a “shady man jumped into a speedboat and rushed out into mainland waters.” But then the officers then double-checked the fishing boat, where they found shark fins, smartphones and 300 “anonymous video cards”.

While it doesn’t have any markings, the card is believed to be Nvidia CMP 30HXs, a GPU built specifically for encoding, which, although not very good at their job. But it is in high demand right now as global shortages affect the increasingly demanding supply of hardware.

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