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Snapchat’s new update fixes the crashing issue.

If you’ve ever encountered a bug where the iOS version of Snapchat crashes on launch. It appears that an update is now available to fix it in the App Store. Bugs fixed by the update do not appear to affect the Android version of the app.

Before updating to the latest version, the app shows me a message saying something went wrong before it crashes at Springboard on my iPhone 12 Mini. Now I no longer get the error and can send a Snap. succeeded

This is what the bug looks like when it appears:

The Snapchat support Twitter account has yet to tweet about the fix. (Although a pinned tweet mentions a bug), Snap Products SVP tweeted about the issue being fixed. Both myself and one of my colleagues tested the update. And it fixed both of our downtime issues.

If your phone doesn̵

7;t automatically download updates You can grab it for yourself by going to the App Store, tapping on your profile picture in the top right corner and pulling it down to refresh. Available updates should appear. and you can download it If you turn off automatic updates to avoid bug versions. You can turn it back on by going to Settings > App Store, then turning on App Updates under Automatic Downloads.

Update June 28th, 7:00 PM ET: Updated to show that the issue appears to have been fixed by an update from Snapchat.

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