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Snoop Dogg hints that he and Eminem are ‘fine’.

Snoop Dogg and Eminem were an interesting topic of discussion dating back to Snoop leaving Em from his Top 10 list and ignoring his music. This led Em to speak to Snoop on the track “Zeus” the following year. come:

“And as far as the squash-shin meat, I’m used to the people who knock me down. But not just in my camp and diplomatic, because I’m trying to be the last thing I want, Snoop doggin ‘me Man, Dogg, you’re like a (Yeah) God damn me, really not (haha). “It’s behind me, but I start to think that all these people are taking pictures at me.”

At the time, Snoop was not impressed by the jab and threatened to retaliate. But things seemed to change with Snoop himself. A fan shared a photo of Dr.Dre, Snoop and Eminem with the caption: “I wonder if anything has changed,”

; Snoop captured and commented. “Nothing good” with a bent emoji.

Many have speculated that the 180-degree shift was the result of Dr. Dre’s recent hospitalization, which puts things like a little bit of a fight within the camp into a reasonable perspective.

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