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Sober Melania Trump is determined to end her husband’s turbulent agenda.

“To everyone who asked me not to go to the January 20th inauguration,” Trump tweeted through his official account, which no longer exists.

Many at the White House first heard the president’s thoughts on this important and historic issue, including his wife, according to a senior White House official.

Until that tweet, White House officials said Melania Trump was not 100% sure she was going to take over Biden’s office or not.

“This is not the first time she has learned what he is doing because he tweeted it before he told her,” the source said, visually dismissing the importance of the first lady delivering news about her schedule. Obviously, too, based on Trump̵

7;s mood that day.

Staff, like many, apparently the incident that tweeted did not call for sympathy to the First Lady.

“You’re part of this, you can keep quiet. But she’s part of that, ”the source said.

Melania Trump and Trump's adult children shun attention after the country's darkest day.

“This” is the president’s latest activity, denying a loss, a conspiracy to incite angry supporters with lies and conspiracy theories, and a miserable abdication from an official role. The first lady who left did not do anything significant as her tenure week was imminent. She did not set up an office to continue her platform in the latter part of the White House, according to sources familiar with her activities. She had not helped prepare First Lady Jill Biden, whom she had not contacted, the sources said.

The only thing Trump did other than keep the White House, worked on photo albums in her day as first lady and oversees carpet and decorative photography, was a sophisticated statement about the incident on Wednesday. Came five days after they happened.

“There has never been a first lady as stubborn and challenging as Melania Trump,” said Kate Andersenbroner, author of “First Women: The Grace and Power of America’s Modern First Ladies.” “I think she is digging in. I think she infuriates her husband, and apparently she is not interested in playing the first lady who, during a crisis, tries to unite the country and alleviate suffering.”

But she stood by the president, something she had never done before in times of turmoil. In her Monday morning statement, Trump did not name her husband and she did not specify that he should be held responsible for the riots.

But she appears to have raised some of the old texts and speeches in this new sentence, and added it to the paragraph, portraying herself as a victim of the continuing criticism of the former official. At times, Trump’s solitary stance has fueled public curiosity about how she is aligned with the president, especially when he has been criticized. Her stagnant hand flicks and frequent independent commentary created a possible scenario for her husband’s critics that perhaps she wasn’t like him or even didn’t like him.

But if the past few weeks have proven anything, she is more in tune with the president than most people think.

“She understood her husband and what he meant, and it didn’t bother her,” Brower said. “She’s not a victim and she won’t leave the White House, apologizing for her husband’s behavior.”

Trump ‘does not regret leaving’

Melania Trump 'just wants to go home'

As the president publicly attacked the election, claiming it was rigged and clinging to the erroneous hopes of staying in the White House, his wife packed up his belongings, preparing to move from multiple sources. Who observed Trump’s activities since late November

The first lady has now worked more than halfway through the delivery of belongings to Mar-a-Lago or to storage, with little care for the move over several weeks. House officials had to help a semi-secret operation, facilitating the shipment of packages without inciting the president, who truly believed he would stay.

Housing officers reside in many of their roles through multiple management. It doesn’t matter who the president is But it’s just important that they represent the American president.

“They are the most patriotic people I have ever met,” says Brower, whose first book was “The Residence: Inside the Private World of the White House.” But they have to hide something because they don’t want to upset Trump. (president)”

Melania Trump’s advantage in getting ready and ready to go on to signal his desire to do it with Washington and the past four years of huge ups and downs.

“(Melania Trump) didn’t regret leaving,” a White House official said with knowledge of Trump’s mood.

That was one place where she was different from her husband – he wanted to be very, very calm to go.

“Pat Nixon is the last example I think of the First Lady compared to Melania Trump,” Brower said, but it might just be a situation, not an action.

“As Watergate rages on, Pat Nixon spends most of her time in her room alone in the villa, but the butler brings breakfast, and she often drinks only coffee, the surrounding people start to worry about her health. Of her, because it was clear that Watergate was taking Tolls and she is losing weight. “Said the author.

Bucking tradition

Melania Trump mourned death.  But don't blame the president for the riot of Congress.

Those who have been around Trump for the past two weeks have not noticed the behavior shifting to loneliness and sadness.In fact, it is Trump’s emotional disconnection with the uprising. The horrors happened on television, and she lacked an instant desire to appear. Responded to or condemned real-time violence, which prompted two of her longest-serving employees to submit resignations with immediate effect, the sources said.

“Usually the First Lady for the One Term comes with him publicly. President Ford is serving less than the full term, and Betty Ford comes in and read his concession letter to Carter. When he disappeared in 1976, “said Browner.

On Wednesday it was announced that Blair House, the official guest house in the history of the White House, was announced by several presidents. (Including Trump) stayed the night before swearing to welcome Biden to stay as well, CNN previously reported Biden without an invitation from the president and first lady of Blair House, intending to stay at a hotel in Inauguration day

But the invitation was not sent to Melania Trump’s insistence.

“She had nothing to do with it,” the official said. The invitation may read as “The White House,” but is issued through the State Department, which has the Office of the Chief Protocol, overseeing Blairhouse’s management.

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