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Solar Eclipse Photos: A Closer Look at the ‘Ring of Fire’

This photo of the first solar eclipse of 2021 shows the celestial phenomenon that this morning began to spread across the northeastern United States. including parts of Canada, Greenland, Europe and Asia.

favorable weather People following the ecliptic path in northern Canada, Greenland and Siberia expect to notice an annular solar eclipse, or The “ring of fire,” where the moon obscures the center of the sun to create a bright circular solar rim, a dark disk, people outside the direct path of the eclipse—including those in New York, Philadelphia and Toronto. Grown—they expect a partial solar eclipse.

The moon began to pass in front of the sun at 4:12 a.m. EDT on Thursday. and will continue for about five hours—although the eclipse is only visible for a brief moment at any given location.

The June 1

0 solar eclipse did not produce the creepy phenomenon of the Aug. 21, 2017 total solar eclipse that darkened skies and lowered temperatures across the United States.

The last total solar eclipse occurred last December. And it was seen in Argentina and Chile. The next will take place in December in the skies over Antarctica.

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