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Some countries with the highest vaccination rates are experiencing an increase in deaths and infections from COVID-19, experts say satisfaction is partly to blame.

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Some of the countries with the highest vaccination rates in the world are also grappling with the devastating rise of Covid-19 and the highest number of deaths. A worrisome trend that has led experts and officials to suspect a successful vaccination drive has lobbied the government to ease restrictions too soon and people into false sense of security

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Uruguay has a high rate of death from COVID-19. highest in the world per capita for weeks Despite being one of the world’s most successful vaccinations drives. This is a common situation in countries where vaccinations are high, such as Bahrain and the Maldives.

Uruguay, a small country of about 3.5 million people, averaged 55 deaths per day over the past week. approximately 1.6 deaths per 100,000 population, according to data compiled by New York TimesThe numbers have remained roughly the same since the increase in cases in April.

Population control Bahrain (0.9 deaths per 100,000 people) and Maldives (1) share the same alarming metrics and have reported higher death rates than countries like the United States (0.15) and India (0.29). for most of May

Other countries, such as Chile and Seychelles, are among the countries with the highest number of cases of COVID-19. the most violent in the world Although each country has higher vaccination levels than the United States. Experts warn that lifting restrictions too soon could leave people unduly satisfied.

Dr. Jude Gedian, Seychelles Public Health Commissioner told the local newspaper that The outbreak was partially attributed to the restart of economic activity and “satisfaction” with public health measures such as masking and social distancing. The sentiment was echoed by Reuters by Maldives President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, who said the country lifted restrictions too soon.

Uruguay’s approach to the epidemic This involves as few restrictions as possible. Still causing a feeling of satisfaction, the AFP reports, and the country is in a similar situation with Argentina. which despite the strict restrictions in the country But many countries still despise the practice.

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in the United States Like many rich countries, vaccines are seen as a strategy to get out of the economic and social constraints of the pandemic. While vaccination rates in the United States are rising Experts and officials have called on people to be unhappy. and asked officials not to lift the restrictions too soon for fear of relapse. Changes to CDC guidelines that allow vaccinated people to stop wearing masks quickly As a result, various states The lifting of mask orders—some even banning local officials from wearing masks—has raised questions about whether the policy softening was wise to consider slowing down the vaccine. Continuous hesitation rates and levels that can prevent coverage required to stop transmissions.

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The easing of restrictions is the only variable that affects the outbreak. New strains can drive infection. The Uruguay outbreak was partly caused by the P.1 variant first identified in Brazil. The efficacy of the vaccines used is also a concern. Many countries with high vaccination use a large number of Chinese vaccines.

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50%. Among the most vaccinated countries in the world mentioned in this At least every country has a proportion of their population vaccinated against COVID-19. at least some Data are available for Bahrain (53%), Chile (55%), Maldives (57%), Seychelles (72%) and Uruguay (50%). This is similar to Uruguay (50%), although a much higher proportion of people who have been fully vaccinated (40% vs. 29%) Uruguay.

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Bahrain’s Undersecretary for Health Waleed Al Mania said the case in Bahrain had seen a significant increase in cases from further testing. and a major gathering involving the holy month of Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr celebrations. However, Bahrain, alongside the nearby United Arab Emirates, with the United Arab Emirates A booster vaccine has already been offered for the highly active Sinopharm vaccine. The vaccine (which already requires two doses) highlights concerns that the vaccine may not be as effective as other vaccines. In the prophylaxis market, 1 in 3 patients in the Seychelles are among those who have received the vaccine. The country’s Ministry of Health revealed in mid-May. And most of the vaccines given are sinofarm vaccines. The World Health Organization said it would review the cases. from the islands in terms of this

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Opinion polls in the United States indicate that those who are not vaccinated are more likely to be comfortable doing everyday activities than their vaccinated compatriots. This is a potential problem for states. that eased epidemic restrictions due to high vaccination rates

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