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Some MacBooks and iPads were reported to have been affected by parts shortages.

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The production of MacBook and iPad has been reported to have been affected by the shortage of electronic components.

Cited a source familiar with the matter. Nikkei Asia Reported on Thursday that Continued global shortage of chips It has now hit Apple, with some iPads and MacBooks affected. Nikkei Asia Some iPad assemblies were reported to have been affected by a shortage of display components, while production of the MacBook was delayed due to chip shortages, an issue that affected. Major manufacturers such as Tesla, GM and Samsung.

Apple did not immediately return a request for comment on the report.

Nikkei Asia reports that Apple has delayed orders for some of the components for affected devices from the first half of 2021 a year later as a result of the ongoing problems, but Apple is certainly not alone. Affected by the shortage of chips and some estimate See issues that go on through 2022, including from Apple suppliers. Foxconn.

For example, Samsung is another big maker hit by chip shortages, with co-chief executive Koh Dong-jin. say It was during a recent shareholder meeting that there was a “serious imbalance in the supply and demand of chips in the global IT sector.”

At the same time, General Motors is shutting down production at two of its plants as a result of a global component shortage: Detroit Free Press Report on thursday General Motors spokesman David Barnas told the newspaper: “The company’s intention is to offset as much as possible the production lost in these factories.

In other words, now everyone is feeling the chip issue. Even the world’s most powerful manufacturers are not immune from parts shortages.

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