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Some people in the league believe that the Raiders are Tom Brady’s mysterious team.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Las Vegas Raiders

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The slow first week of the NFL’s offseason also led to Tom. Brady dusted off his 2020 free agency tour by pointing out that the anonymous team was instead interested in “at the end” of the process. “Hold on to that mother instead,” regardless of Brady’s intentions or not. It also sparked a protracted game of guessing which team could be which.

And like everything else in our modern society. It is impossible to agree on which team will be. Some believe it’s the 49ers, some think it’s the Bears. Some confirmed it was a Titan, others were still on the Chargers and/or Colts.

In league circles, there is one team that rarely participates in the conversation. But perhaps it should be: The Raiders A lot of people with deep ties to the NFL matrix have reached out over the past 24 hours to express their belief that the unnamed team is the Raiders, of course. Will make Derek Carr an unnamed “motherf-ker”.

As both sources explain, the Raiders dropped out towards the end of the process. As one source explained, the Raiders thought Brady’s request for something special was superior.

And this is Brady’s opinion. (which was revealed Friday night when the full episode of Store: Uninterrupted debut) that he will not choose a mystery team in the end That makes it not the 49ers; They were his first choice.

“When I look back, I’m like, there’s no f-king that I would go to that team,” Brady said, “but they said they didn’t want me. I know what it means I know how it feels And I will go to you because of that.”

Of course, he did if it were the Raiders in week seven. Brady made 33 of 45 passes for 369 yards and four touchdowns. (Good for a passer rating of 127.0) In Raiders’ 45-20 explosion, the only thing that saved Vegas was that the game dropped out of prime-time due to COVID issues. This made it impossible to convey disgrace across the country.

Brady’s comments are now live nationally. and have been discussed over and over again. no matter what the truth is Some people in the league believe that they are attackers.

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