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Some Washingtonians have trouble verifying COVID-19 vaccine records.

Websites to confirm that vaccine records are in state databases for lottery shows “doesn’t match” for some.

SEATTLE — Some vaccinated Washington residents are trying to confirm COVID-19 vaccine data. of them are in the state system. I’m having trouble verifying that the information exists before the lottery.

Many people reported that the message said “mismatch” on websites where they were instructed to check the logs. This makes some people worry about whether their data will be available for lottery draws.

The first draw for vaccinated Washington residents is June 8. The Washington State Lottery will use a random number generator to perform two drawings. One for Washington residents over the age of 1

8 and the other for those aged 12 to 17 are eligible for one year of college tuition with a guaranteed education tuition program. The state will run one draw for $250,000 every week for four weeks. And there will be an additional draw for the $1 million prize pool on July 13.

“I really want to look at the records,” said Monti Burich, who received his coronavirus vaccine a few months ago.

Buririch said he tried to check the records online before the lottery was announced and could not find any such records.

After Governor Jay Inslee announced that Washington would be participating in the vaccine lottery, Burich again attempted to find his records on two websites hosted by the Washington Department of Health. Those sites are MyIRMobile and MyIR, two online options to view immunization records and access COVID-19 vaccination certificates. He found no competition on either site when registering.

“So let me ask you a question. Where are all the records?” said Burirat.

This database is called the Washington State Immunization Information System. It’s where state lotteries will draw lottery winners. “Shock of life”

A Washington Department of Health spokesman said there may be times when phone numbers or emails are not sent to the system.

That said, no immediate match in MyIRMobile is not an indication that patient data was not recorded in WA IIS. Their vaccination records will be sent to WA IIS within 72 hours by their vaccine provider,” Health Ministry spokesman Shelby Anderson said by email.

The Department of Health has a web page for options. to find immunization records stored in state databases. The department recommends using the chat function on the MyIRMobile website for assistance in recording a match.

Another option is to call 833-VAX-HELP for assistance.

Burich said he would try calling this number as an alternative. But felt the process was disappointing.

“I think you will see a lot of people arguing. And for those who haven’t checked They may have an unpleasant surprise when they go to investigate,” Buririch said.

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