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Sony announces investment and partnership with Discord to bring chat app to PlayStation – TechCrunch

Sony and Discord have announced a partnership to integrate the latter’s popular gaming-focused chat app with PlayStation’s built-in social tools. A recent acquisition – Sony appears to be offering a better deal than Microsoft, holding an undisclosed minority in the company ahead of the rumored IPO.

The exact nature of the partnership was not shown in the short announcement post. The closest we will hear to what will happen is that the two companies plan to “bring the Discord and PlayStation experience closer. More and more on consoles and mobile devices starting next year ”which is at least easy enough to imagine.

Discord has previously partnered with the console platform, although the deal with Microsoft was not a particularly deep integration. This is more than “Friends can see what you are playing on PS5”

; and much more. “This is an alternative chat infrastructure for everyone on Sony systems.” Whole system But obviously, for example, the option to “start a voice chat with Discord” when you invite friends to a game or join them.

The early 2022 timeline also points out that this is a huge product change that could coincide with a major platform update in Sony’s long-term PS5 roadmap.

Although the new PlayStation is better than the old when it comes to voice chat. But the old one wasn’t great for getting started, and Discord wasn’t just easier to use. But there are still millions of gamers do Use it every day and nowadays, if a game is not an exclusive game, strong cross-platform is the next best option, so PS5 players who can seamlessly join and chat with PC players will reduce the problem there.

Of course, Microsoft has its own advantages, running both the Xbox and Windows ecosystems, but there is also a recurring opportunity, and the acquisition of Discord could be the missing part that ties it all together. Of course, that bird has flown, and while Microsoft’s acquisition talks are reportedly worth about $ 10 billion, the growing chat app seems to have decided to fly free with an IPO and try. To become the dominant sound platform everywhere, instead of rewarding pets.

Sony has taken part in the financial speech by participating in Discord’s latest $ 100 million finals.The amount they donated is unknown. But it is slightly more enforced than a minority stake, taking into account the amount of money the company has operated and the total valuation.

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