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Sony PlayStation Head Jim Ryan Goes Through the Console War

Sony’s PlayStation chief Jim Ryan told Axios that the PlayStation’s competitive edge is greater than its gaming counterparts.

Why is this important: With entertainment converging on every screen imaginable. The old differences between gaming, film, streaming and even social media businesses are becoming less relevant.

  • “We are an entertainment company with a community of over 100 million gamers with a truly extraordinary level of commitment and engagement,” Ryan told Axios when asked how he defines PlayStation and its competitors.
  • “I will say unequivocally that we are competing in free time and the definition of any tournament must extend beyond the boundaries of what is traditionally defined as a game,” he said.

The big picture: Sony reinforced the PS5 launch in November and it was a huge success with news this spring that it plans to expand the main franchise to at least 1

0 new movies and shows.

Sony’s PS5 console got off to a hot start. in the first seven months But the market leader in the previous generation of video game consoles has struggled or failed altogether in the next generation, something Sony is doing its best to avoid.

  • Sony is learning from one of the minor flaws of the PS4, the lack of popular games early on.
  • “Yes, the results between the PS4 games are amazing,” Ryan said, referring to the blockbuster games that were regarded as exclusives to Sony’s predecessors, “but most of those games came in the second half of this round.”
  • Sony is accelerating game production for the PS5 with several exclusive titles released, followed by April’s “Returnal” and June’s “Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart.”

Sony’s Biggest PlayStation Challenge It doesn’t seem to make games for PS5, but is shipping consoles to customers.

  • The company said it shipped a record 7.8 million PS5 by the end of March. but the demand is high Manufacturing pressured by chip shortages and a rare console
  • “This really disappointed me. and make me disappointed Especially when retailers and bots manage stock,” Ryan said.
  • Sony is “working incredibly hard” with its retail partners to keep the PS5 in “the right hands,” he said, pointing to Sony’s distribution service “PlayStation Direct” to help with this. such a project of the United States It will expand to Europe before the end of March 2022.

Sony is also aiming to expand to mobile phones.Because it combines with the power of other game consoles. in the bigger mobile market It will have something to show soon, Ryan joked.

  • “The idea here is that our IP portfolio is in a strong position right now. It seems unusual to limit entertainment to our existing PlayStation community,” Ryan said.
  • Sony identified the head of PlayStation Mobile earlier this year. When asked about the status of that role and whether Sony would focus on acquiring a studio or developing in-house expertise to make mobile games, Ryan said, “We’re working on models. to turn on the mobile You will see the first results of this sooner than you think.”

PlayStation made headlines last December. As for the game it decided not to sell. In December, the company withdrew its highly anticipated third-party game. But surprisingly, “Cyberpunk 2077”

  • “This was a difficult decision for us. but at the end We must act in the interest of the PlayStation community and not intentionally sell games that could result in a bad experience for them,” Ryan said.
  • Sales of the game have suffered, the company’s studio CD Projekt said. The studio is in talks with Sony to bring it back.
  • Ryan did not provide details on what to do to get the game back.

What’s next: After “Ratchet & Clank,” the future of the PS5 is a little unclear. But overall, PlayStation is set to expand greatly.

  • Sony’s next big promotional game “Horizon Forbidden West” may officially be released in 2021.
  • Among the many TV and video projects The first major project will likely be the movie “Uncharted,” which is slated for release in February next year.

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