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Sony Vision-S electric car hit the road for safety test.

At CES 2020, Sony – yes, Sony has released a wild car, though. CES 2021 It did not provide another automotive venture from a Japanese company, the company released a new video of the company. Vision-S electric car Testing in Austria on public roads It is a milestone for the company, although Sony insists that building a car is not difficult. If nothing else, this video is a great test of the company’s new products. Airpeak DroneWhich is used in aerial photography

Sony said the Vision-S public testing was a validation of the safety systems developed for cars. Ultimately, the Vision-S was designed as a showcase of the company̵

7;s sensors and imaging technology, as well as technology. Entertainment planned for the car industry In the new video, we will see several display screens, front and center for driver information, infotainment and more.In fact, all of the functionality is impressive considering the car is not intended for production. That didn’t stop Sony from working with Magna Steyr last year to bring the car off the streets of Austria for the first time.

Assuming Sony hasn’t redirected and decided to build a Vision-S car, it will continue and test the company’s technology last year, the tech company said the car’s features. Level 2 partial automation technology With fixed 33 sensors The degree of autonomy will increase according to Sony, so we may have to wait for another CES event to see what will come from the Vision-S.

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The Vision-S concept car showcases all of Sony’s vehicles …


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