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Sophie Turner takes paparazzi to take a “creepy” photo of a child.

DEAUVILLE FRANCE - 07 SEPTEMBER: (Editor's Note: Image is processed with digital filters) Sophie Turner arrives. Image Source: Getty / Francois G. Durand

In a series of deleted Instagram stories since being deleted, new mum Sophie Turner called the paparazzi to take and sell photos of his 9-month-old daughter Villa without permission. Yesterday some paparazzi was able to take pictures of my daughter and me, and I just wanted to say the reason I didn’t post pictures of my daughter and made sure we could avoid the paparazzi. Without any expense, wanted the photos to go out, ”Sophie said after it was found that her daughter’s photo was sold and published.

As Villa was not old enough to allow her photos to be shared with the world, Sophie and her husband Joe Jonas did their best to keep pictures of their daughter off social media and not open. “She is my daughter,” added Sophie. “She didn’t ask for this life to take photos. [are] Taking pictures of the baby without permission “

To be clear, Sophie clearly told the photographer that they do not “I’m bored, I’m bored, and I respectfully ask everyone to stop following us around and stop trying to take pictures of our daughters and especially print them,” Sophie said. Invasion of privacy is never a good idea, so hopefully the paparazzi will honor Sophie’s wishes and give her family the respect they deserve.

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