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South Carolina government McMcaster wins after Texas lifts mask mandate: ‘we never have’

The governor of South Carolina took the win after his fellow governors in Texas and Mississippi raised their masks, arguing that his state had never held such power.

“Unlike Texas and Mississippi, we can’t lift the mask mandate because we’ve never had it before,” tweeted Gov. Henry McMaster.

“South Carolina takes a measured and never closed approach. We give South Carolina residents the freedom to choose what is best for ourselves, for their health and their families,” added Republican McMaster.

TEXAS GOV ABBOTT announces plans to fully open new business, cease government mask making.

The governor included a video in his tweet showing several news reports covering his decision not to issue a masked order like any other state.


7;re never shut down,” McMaster said in the video. “A reasonable step of action that is limited, measurable and temporary allows us to fight the virus without damaging our economy.”

McMaster’s post-victory round came days after Texas and Mississippi announced they would cancel their mask orders and reopen the economy.

President Biden attacked both governors after the announcement, saying the governors’ decision to lift the mask mandate was “Thinking like a Neanderthal”

White House press secretary Jen Psaki defended the president’s comments, saying the speech was a “reflection” of Biden’s “frustration and anger”.

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The comments, however, sparked outrage from Republicans, however, Sen. Marco Rubio R-Flora returned on Twitter that the president should. “Seek training for his unconscious prejudice” towards Neanderthals.

He also urged Biden to “apologize for the careless comments”.

“President Biden’s use of the old style damages modern Europeans, Asians and Americans who inherit approximately 2% of their genes from Neanderthal ancestors,” said Rubio, who links to the article in the tweet.

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