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South Carolina tornado found after one death in Georgia storm: report

The tornado struck South Carolina as it continued to blow south just hours after another tornado hit Atlanta and killed one person, according to reports.

The National Weather Service issued a warning for Abbeville County around 2pm that a tornado had touched down. Local schools kept students inside while tornado warnings remained in effect.

The initial warnings also address the Greenwood, Laurens, Newberry, Union and Elbert districts, but most warnings expire in the afternoon.

Increased activity has kept states across the south awake as forecasts call for tornadoes in the coming days, with Tuesday being particularly busy for Louisiana, Georgia and Alabama.

Several counties in Atlanta observed late-late tornado warnings, all of which would expire.

A tornado blew through Atlanta with at least one death in nearby Douglasville, according to WSB-TV.

Country weather forecasts: as many as possible across the South in the coming weeks.

Scott Hudson, the victim, died after a tree fell on his car, the news agency reported.

Another tornado was confirmed near Elberton, Georgia, shortly after 2 p.m., the weather channel reported. Tornadoes collapse warehouses. But there were no reports of injuries.

Storm surveillance began on Sunday with warnings of tornadoes across Mississippi and devastating tornadoes, especially in Tupelo, which destroyed some homes and knocked down electrical cables and branches.

A tornado wreaked havoc in Tupelo, Mississippi.Residents are advised to take cover.

More than a dozen tornadoes struck across the state overnight, with tornadoes reported near Yazoo, Byram and Tchula.

Calhoun County Sheriff Greg Pollan said Calhoun County “It was hit hard tonight”

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The National Weather Service in Memphis tweeted a photo of downed trees and wires. Businesses and homes in the area are continually damaged. But there have been no reports of injuries.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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