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SpaceX brings the case of space age wine back to Earth.

This French wine is truly out of this world.

The SpaceX capsule will bring Bordeaux’s case back to Earth when it bounced off Wednesday – and there was no destruction after more than a year of aging in space.

The intoxicating cargo was sent to the International Space Station in November 2019 as part of an experiment launched by the Luxembourg-based startup.

“Our goal is to solve the problem of how we can have agriculture of tomorrow that is both organic and healthy and can feed humanity,” said Nicolas Gaume, co-founder of Space Cargo Unlimited.

“And we think space is the key,” he said.

In addition, Gaume added, future lunar or Mars explorers may need a little Cabernet Sauvignon with space rationing.

“Being French, having good food and good wine is part of life,”

; he explains.

12 bottles are carefully sealed and packed in iron drums to avoid breakage.

They are part of the larger cargo, which includes the 320 Merlot Vine and Cabernet Sauvignon specimens sent into space in March, and several rats.

Bottled wines will remain sealed until at least next month when one or two tasting bottles are opened in Bordeaux – followed by months of chemical testing to determine the area’s effect on price grape juice. expensive

The SpaceX Dragon capsule is scheduled to splash on Wednesday night.

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