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SpaceX Crew-1 mission breaks the record for the life of a spacecraft.

The SpaceX Crew-1 mission safely returned to Earth – and broke records in the process.NASA confirmed that Crew-1 broke the record for the longest operational duration for an American crewed spacecraft by the Crew Dragon capsule Resilience lasting 168 days in orbit. Before splashing off the coast of Florida at 2:56 a.m. east, the previous best was set in February 1974, when the last Skylab crew spent slightly more than 84 days on the mission. Their

NASA reiterates that this is the first nighttime splash for a US crewed spacecraft since the Apollo 8 oceanic touchdown in December 1968.

This feat was unexpected when the Crew-1 team intends to spend about six months conducting space trials and other activities aboard the recently connected Crew-2 International Space Station, which should last the longest. Still, the mission that was completed was a milestone It shows how much spaceflight has evolved in half a century and proves that private spacecraft are ready to tackle some of the missions of crew travel.

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