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SpaceX launches 60 other Starlink satellites, now 300 satellites, in just over a month techcrunch

SpaceX has launched another set of Starlink satellites to keep up with the rapid launch for the low-Earth orbit active broadband constellation. Now, 300 Starlink satellites go into operation from March 4th, with 60 on each flight between then and now.

The previous latest launch took place on March 24, with an earlier flight on March 14, March 11 and March 4.The move was intentional, as SpaceX said it was aiming to A total of 1,500 Starlink satellites were launched during this calendar year.Before that, in an exceptionally busy month, SpaceX also flew four other Starlink missions, including a co-ride in SpaceX’s first ride-sharing mission, which features satellites for Other customers

In total, SpaceX has launched 1

,443 satellites for the Star Link constellation. That doesn’t reflect the total number of satellites on orbit, however, as a number of previous satellites have been disposed of as planned. In total, the final planned size of the constellation is expected to include as many as 42,000 spacecraft, according to current FCC frequency spectrum filing.

SpaceX recently signed a new agreement with NASA that states how the two organizations will avoid any approaching or collision events between their spacecraft.NASA has measures requiring all launchers to follow in order to avoid it. Events of this type But the size and frequency of SpaceX’s Starlink missions needed a more comprehensive deal.

The launch also includes a seventh-based Falcon 9 booster landing.The booster tapped as intended on the SpaceX floating landing pad in the Atlantic, and will be refurbished to Reused again, SpaceX is looking to recover the half-fairing at sea, two cargo that cover the shield that encapsulates the satellite during takeoff.The company recently decommissioned two ships that had previously attempted to catch ships. These came up mid-air as they slowed down by a parachute. But still wanting to pull them out of the ocean after the splash for reuse.

Image credits: SpaceX

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