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‘Spiral,’ the Chris Rock Saw movie opens at $ 9 million; Army Of The Dead $ 735K: Box Office – Deadline

Saturday AM Updates: If you remember back in August theoryIntention to restart the box office, there were a few target demo movies leading up to the release of that movie, Solstice Studios’. Not affected And Disney / 20th New Mutants

Those skins are expected to grease the wheels before the tent poles open. Granted, the massive launch of BO was never before. theory As New York and LA closed at that time But the point is, right now, there’s a starring movie on the marquee as we head into Memorial Day weekend, 13 days from now.That four-day frame is expected to be the official start. Of summer BO

The same is true for United Artists Releasing / Miramax / MGM̵

7;s. Human wrath Last weekend, Lionsgate’s Spiral: From the Saw Book It’s another summer premiere before Paramount’s arrival on May 28. Quiet place part 2 And Disney cruel

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An R-rated horror film by Chris Rock-Samuel L. $ 3.7 million Friday, including a $ 750K preview from Thursday night for the expected 3 days. $ 9.16 million At 2,811 theaters, that figure is under estimates that many are talking about, which is $ 10M – $ 15M, but keep in mind that there is a lot of other stuff going on right now in the marketplace. For the box office recording, it is the sixth release for files. saw movies

From left: Dave Bautisa, Omari Hardwick, Tig Notaro, Samantha Win, Colin Jones, Matthias Schweighöfer, Raúl Castillo, Ana De La Reguera in ‘Army of the Dead’.

Other new fare estimates, such as Netflix’s Zack Snyder 7 Days in the Theatrical Show. Army of the dead It also differs slightly from what the industry expects. Army of the dead Received 74% warmth and 83% positive audience reviews. Comscore / Screen Engine PostTrak is currently screening at 600 theaters and overclocking is expected based on industry estimates. $ 290K Yesterday and $ 735K For 3 days

The theater’s vast majority of images are loaded by Cinemark locations, where I hear about 40% of the rep. Word headed into the weekend is pre-sales, able to advise on over $ 1M to this Snyder title for 3 days, with no record. It’s all official Army of the dead It is the largest cinema opening for the streamer Netflix film, which won several Oscars. Roma Approximately $ 200K posts in a 5 Day Thanksgiving Frame 2018.

Those who want me to die

Warner Bros.

Angelina Jolie’s New Line / Bron / HBO Max Those who want me to die It is often expected to come in a low single digit number and is expected to be third at approximately 3,188 theaters. $ 880K Yesterday and $ 2.5 million UAR opening of Human wrath Grossed $ 1.05 million on Friday (-65%) during the second weekend of $ 3.7 million (-55%) in # 2 for 10 days of $ 14.6 million At 3,007 theaters (+132) in 2nd place.

Those who want me to die It is, for all intents and purposes, playing HBO Max, unlike Warner Bros / Legendary’s pushed weekend opening event. Godzilla vs. Kong ($ 31.6M) and New Line’s Mortal Kombat ($ 23.3 million)

While the studio is committed to building a show window for the 2022 movies, be aware that it wouldn’t be shocking if we could see more of these potential adult demo movies pulled by theatrical / HBO. Shortened Max for Future. Remember all the adult movies that failed for Warners at BO in the fall of 2019 (like Goldfinch, Good Liar, Brooklyn Mother) When joker Very good?

If the studio has to do it entirely, chances are it’s an HBO Max movie to cater to the tastes of a mature consumer. Those who want me to die It received a B Cinemascore and a moderate RT critique score of 62% .I heard that Taylor Sheridan directed a movie with a skewed face, with almost 90% more than 25 and more than 35 half.

Lions Gate

On the other hand spiralExpect to open higher. Human wrathIt opened for the weekend at $ 8.3 million, so it is a sign that there is a movement of the domestic BO in the same time. spiralThat lower performance was due to a number of factors: eventually everything reopened, especially in California when the pandemic clicked down. People are distracted by prom and end-of-school activities. It’s not that movie-watching faces stiff competition as we rush back up. But people will make time for movies they feel they can’t miss. As the studio experimented with its heavily collapsed distribution model and windows, they might want to think about that. When you have movies in the cinema and at home at the same time, you can create significantly fewer products than Premium.

Combining the above is the fact that the domestic exhibition infrastructure is not yet fully lit, with only 66% of the 5,88K US / Canadian theaters open with Great White North provinces like ON. Tario, Alberta and Manitoba remain banned. Canada, which normally accounts for 7% to 10% of the weekend’s box office, has just 2% this weekend.

Factor in this spiral It is not a four-part movie and is a complete reproduction of the file saw Movies as we know them Response that? B- CinemaScore 40% on Rotten Tomatoes and very low Comscore / Screen Engine PostTrak audience reaction 63% on the first two channels with 43% recommendations. spiral It attracted 56% of men, 58% over 25, but only 25% were older than 35.The diversity demonstration was 35% white, 28% black, 26% Hispanic and 11% Asian / others. spiral Best played in the East

The fourth place belongs to Funimation / Aniplex. Demon hunter Bookings at 1,930 theaters (-170) in the fourth weekend, grossing $ 513,000 (-41%) over the weekend. $ 1.7 million (-37%) for a total run of $ 41.9 million.

The fifth place went to Disney. Raya and the Last Dragon Which in the weekend 11 posts $ 395K On Fridays -6% from last week and weekend of $ 1.59 million, -17% for the sum of $ 46 million.

Courtesy of Roadside Attractions / Anthony Courtney

Featured titles with limited openings include Roadside Attractions YA Movies. Find you Which earns approximately $ 323K On Fridays 1,314 theaters and 3 days of $ 910KBrian Baugh directed and wrote the title after the talented violinist Finley, who met famous young movie star Beckett on his way to a college course abroad in the village. A little by the coast in ireland An unexpected romance arises when the heart-pounding Beckett leads Finley keen on a re-awakening adventure, and she dares him to be in charge of his future until his destiny. Pressure from his stars will get in the way.

The RT critique score is 69%, with 71% positive audience response and 46% recommended on PostTrak.Women are the most active ticket buyers here at 62%, with 81% over 25% and 53% for this PG movie.

The diversity demonstration was 70% whites, 14% Hispanic, 6% blacks, and 10% Asians / others. The majority of the plays came from the Central, Western and South. Total income was $ 693 per theater. Here


Focus feature

Focus Features’ picks up the thriller Timur Bekmambetov. Personal information Grossed $ 260,000 at 2,033 theaters over the weekend of $ 630K, For an average of $ 310 per movie theater Personal information Following an undercover British journalist who infiltrated the Islamic State online propaganda channel known as Islamic State, only to be sucked in by her broker. This photo was received B CinemaScore by PostTrak, leaving a 65% lower positive and 37% recommendation. Critics were not pleased with 59% Rotten. Audience makeup was 54% male, 79% over 25, and over 35 years old. 40% The mix of diversity is 53% Whites, 21% Spaniards, 17% Blacks, and 9% Asians / others.The most prominent markets are West and Southwest.

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