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Spotify talks about Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘driving license’

In the relatively slow 2021, pop world seems to be growing again after the long holiday music of the end of 2020, the impact of the “driver’s license” felt especially earthquake. “I think this is just a brief moment in a decanter that brings together so many factors that they haven’t really been put together lately, ”said Becky Bass, Spotify’s world leader. Billboard“But I can’t say that pop audiences are not hungry for big pop songs either.”

Below, Bass discusses Spotify’s reaction to the early success of “Drivers License” and how earlier songs they can compare to it (if any).

What was the first time you noticed that something was wrong with a “driver̵

7;s license”?

As soon as it came out, we were able to see the reactions of fans and just talking to each other in a romantic drama related to the song was the first to pop. We’re familiar with Olivia as an artist: her release that came out with High school music Well done on the platform and we know she has an engaging fan base. But in terms of the chatter in the song, it started quickly – as soon as it came out on Thursday night, we know that the fan base is definitely engaging and engaging with the song.

Then you get into overdrive to bump it into a playlist and add it to other things? How would you respond to this?

Yes, we started watching very quickly. We keep supporting and supporting Olivia – so she is on playlists like New Music Friday and Pop Rising and Teen Beats and many more as soon as the songs are released. But when we watch the momentum rise, the chatter grows, the trends grow, we definitely adjust our support. It quickly gets into today’s top hits, our biggest playlist. Now ranked No. 1 in today’s popular show. So it definitely responds to momentum as music becomes a force of nature.

Is there any coordination with her team before or after the release of the song to find other promotional opportunities?

Less coordination with her team and collaboration within Spotify and its editors around the world – just chat to see how it works with each of our playlists in different markets. But this is a situation where, whether you’re in Asia or South America or North America or Europe – Everyone Are paying attention to music at the moment So it’s more exciting inside this kind of team collaboration in music.

Is there anything in the past of Spotify that you can compare this song in terms of its trajectory and speed, especially for artists who have not performed such huge hits in a long time?

There is no real direct comparison here. You have songs like BTS and “Dynamite” or Ariana Grande and “7 Rings” that come out with huge numbers of the first day. Then you have young artists like Tones and I with “Dance Monkey” or Lil Nas X and “Old Town Road”, which took a little longer to grow to the top of the charts, but from the experience of I – and as a team we just talked before – we’ve never seen anything like this where you have a new generation of artists that just come out of the gate in such a remarkable way and continue to grow.

I mean, we thought, “Whoa, these first day numbers are huge!” And then they got bigger on day two, bigger on day three… so it felt unprecedented and probably unprecedented.

You talked about how it continues to grow day by day, what do you think of it?

I definitely think it’s the perfect storm. When we talk about the audience she had before the launch, that is, the young, engaged, female audience. So they really ignited the flame. But now what you have is that it travels better than the audience. And, apparently, social media platforms can help with this. But I think it’s just mouth-to-mouth. This is the song you are talking about. Everyone Now. Everyone is listening to it. Everyone is fascinated. I think this drama – which was familiar to her main fan base and getting things started – helped a lot, and now you have a whole new audience like “Who is Olivia Rodrigo? ? Who is Joshua Bassett? What’s going on here? ”Now they’re watching the drama, they’re learning that Joshua Bassett has a song coming out this week.

Therefore, in addition to new audiences who have discovered this drama, learning who [Olivia] Is – You have people listening to this song too and realize it’s just a really great song that feels so real you have fans who hear Lorde in it, you have fans hearing Taylor. [Swift] You have fans hearing Kesha in it, so it’s just reacting to people in a new way. Plus, most people in the world can relate to a breakup, so it’s just about the song. But you rank in the drama, you rank in the really active fan base, and you get this snowball effect.

In addition to this song, her earlier release of “All I Want” is also at number 40 on Spotify US Daily, which is also unusual to have effects overflowing with the song. Is that a very large process?

I mean, that’s a general effect. I think it might not be as fast and eye-catching as is going on with this song – we definitely noticed it and were watching it up close as well. But many times when people release new songs, the same thing happened when SZA released her new song. [“Good Days”]Suddenly you see the entire SZA catalog popping up as well. So I won’t say that’s the most unusual outcome here, it’s a very unusual situation.

How long do you think a song can grow? Do you think it will begin to rise to the plateau soon, or what path do you see here?

It’s hard to say. I think the song will have a long life – just because of some of the points we talked about earlier. It is a really good song that deeply reflects the hearts of people. It is not tied to fashion, dance or something that is not long-lived. Therefore, it is difficult to say what the path of growth will be like. But I mean it’s very exciting this week, especially watching it grow day by day and we don’t expect it to go away anytime soon.

You’ve said that Joshua Bassett has a new song. It’s going to be a hand on Spotify’s deck when that song comes out, do you now know about the interest surrounding it in general?

We are watching it very closely and have been invested in the conversation as well as the fan base, we will see what happens.

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