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Sri Lanka arrested ‘Mrs World’ after brutal assault on stage | Sri Lanka news

Juri was detained for pulling the crown from Decilva minutes after she was declared Sri Lankan Lady 2020 and damaged the venue.

Colombo police have arrested the current lady on charges of assault in a frantic performance on stage in which she pulled the crown from the head of the new Sri Lankan lady.

Caroline Jurie took the crown from Pushpika de Silva minutes after she was announced as Mrs Sri Lanka 2020 at a gala at the Nelum Pokuna Theater in Colombo on Sunday.

Jurie was last year’s Sri Lanka Mrs and won the Mrs World event.

Desilva was hospitalized after the incident shocked the audience in a theater crowded with social media audiences.

“We arrested Jurie and [her associate] Chula Manuthra for bodily harm and damage to Nelum Pokuna [theatre]Senior Police Officer Ajith Rohana said.

De Silva told reporters outside the Cinnamon Gardens police station in Colombo on Thursday she was ready to dismiss the allegation if Jurie publicly apologized, but she denied.

“I tried to settle this from the court. But she refused, “said De Silva.”

; I can forgive, but don’t forget. “

There was no immediate comment from Jurie or her lawyer.

Police sources told AFP that there is likely to be a court hearing next week and that Jurie and her colleagues, who dropped the stage on Sunday, will be bailed on Thursday.


Jurie came on stage claiming that De Silva was divorced and was ineligible for the award.

Contestants must get married before they are eligible. Desilva is distant with her husband. But both are still legally married.

Organizers said they demanded Jurie compensation for the damage done on stage and the backstage dressing room where many of the mirrors were smashed.

Jurie was also accused by the organizers of bringing disgrace to the event.

Chandimal Jayasinghe, the contest’s local franchise owner, said they were “extremely nervous and deeply saddened” by Jurie’s behavior.

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