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Stadia for Chromecast with Google TV is not yet available.

When the new Chromecast with Google TV launches in late 2020, the product comes with a promise that Google Stadia will be supported in the first half of 2021.That schedule is only six weeks left now, so the watch is. Being fixed exactly, Google will do it, let’s take a look at where things are.

Sideloaded Stadia also hardly runs on Chromecast.

For months now, users have been able to sideload the Stadia app on their Android TV device and play it.The functionality has been available starting June 2020 with a Bluetooth controller and a Stadia controller, although the method is used. Strange and unstable, only 4K HDR is supported as well.Games tend to play well, although results vary greatly from user to user. I have long sessions that go out without hitches and short non-playable sessions.

In September of last year, just days before the Chromecast was officially released, we again took a look at Stadia̵

7;s performance on Android TV, calling it “nowhere near ready for launch.” Nearly eight months later, the story did. Has changed at all App performance is still disastrous and UI issues make the user experience worse. There are even many updates in the meantime. But nothing has changed on the surface to show that we are closer to the official launch.

 Google Stadia android tv controller

Of course, there could be some purpose on Google’s part.Last year, the late John Justice said that the stadia would play closer to the chest, and that there was only reason to include maintaining that change. Key after lock and key

Google is clearly working on this experience.

While today’s performance is still very bad But there are some bright spots With a teardown by our watchdog Kyle Bradshaw, we know the backlash is still moving when it comes to Stadia’s Google TV / Android TV support, there are some key examples.

First of all, mention Android TV directly within the app. A tear from February of this year reveals anecdote about Android TV support, including payment integrations. About a month ago, Google TV was clearly mentioned within the app code.

It also has a newly discovered “Bridge” mode. This will allow users to use their smartphones, which may have connected controllers, to connect to Stadia sessions on their TVs.There’s no strong evidence linking this to Android TV / Google TV, but that’s the reason. That a feature like this will be slightly easier to pull off if both devices are using the same app.

Is there another solution?

Despite all the work behind But nothing has changed from the user side. Again, that might be on purpose. However, it also implies that there may be other pieces in the puzzle.

That backup has a teardown that we showed in March of this year. This is another place where “Android TV” is clearly mentioned within the code for the Stadia app available for Android smartphones today. Android TV app ” if It is Google’s intention to keep the Stadia app for phones the same as what we see on TV, with little to say about it. There’s a very good chance there will be a separate Stadia app available for TVs, such as Chromecast with Google TV.So far, there hasn’t been any concrete proof of this.

When will Stadia arrive on the new Chromecast?

Google intends to bring Stadia to Chromecast with Google TV in the first half of 2021, about six weeks from today Google has not explicitly backed up from that original timeline. But one recent tweet raised some doubt as the Stadia account said the service would be coming to Chromecast and LG TVs “this year.”

Fortunately, Google insisted on 9to5Google Today, Stadia still sticks to the same timeline for Chromecast. Support is still coming in the first half of this year. However, fans of the platform especially shouldn’t expect support to be announced at Google I / O next week.

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