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Stadia’s vice president and head of product leaves Google.

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Another executive has left Google Stadia, and this time it’s John Justice, Stadia vice president and product chief at Google, along with Phil Harrison.Judge also runs the program for frequent interviews and talks with the press, Justice also. His LinkedIn profile has not been updated, but according to a report from The Information, Google told 9to5Google, “We can confirm that John is no longer with Google, and we hope he is good at the next step.”


This latest departure is just another sign that Google’s game streaming service is circling the drain. A February Bloomberg report revealed that the service missed Google’s estimates of internal sales by “hundreds of thousands” of users. Shortly before the report was published, Google shut down its home game studio Stadia. Games and Entertainment Less than two years after opening, claiming high operating costs The move led to Stadia’s other famous expeditions, the way out of Assassin’s Creed co-creator Jade Raymond.

Justice’s last big press was a video interview with The Escapist in December. An interview six months ago showed how quickly Stadia collapsed Google, with Justice discussing an internal project led by Raymond and saying, “Over time we will be doing more and more games within the organization.” A month later, all plans will be canceled.

Employees have been stunned by the Stadia studio’s closure a week earlier, Phil Harrison said Stadia is “making great strides in building a diverse and talented team and building a strong lineup for Stadia’s specific games”. The Kotaku report said that Harrison laid off all staff the following week as “Part of Stadia’s clear style of leadership is dishonest and upfront with the company’s developers.”

An angry employee told the site the move was baffling, with a former employee telling Kotaku, “If you started this studio and hired a hundred of them, no one started that just to make it go away. Within a year or so Right? You couldn’t do a game during that time … we had years of confidence and now we can’t. ”

After the game studio shut down, Google appeared to be hinting at a strategy shift for Stadia. Google’s blog post said the company was looking at “a path to building Stadia as a long-term sustainable business and helping the industry grow”, indicating that the company was looking to build Stadia. Point out that the strategy of selling games to customers today is not. The “Sustainable Business” post emphasized. Google’s “platform technology” that can help studios deliver games “directly” from publishers. (As opposed to via the Stadia store?) And Google sees this as “An important opportunity to work with partners looking for a game solution built around Stadia’s advanced technical infrastructure and platform tools.

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