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STALKER 2 is a 3-month special console, Microsoft will increase its revenue share for Xbox games too.

The Epic v. Apple legal battle continues to provide substantial information indirectly through documents that are slowly being made public. A couple of days ago, Court Listener, the free legal research website, updated the case with loads of downloadable documents, some of which revealed some interesting information about Microsoft’s plans.

As you may remember, Microsoft showed early public support for Epic when Apple tried to block access to the Apple SDK for all Unreal Engine developers. PC Game Developers Microsoft Store: Starting August 1st, they will get 88% of the revenue from the sale of PC games on the platform instead of 70%.

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However, this document, written in January 2021, reveals that Microsoft plans to do the same with the Microsoft Store on Xbox.The timeline of the announcement will be the same as the Microsoft Store on PC, which may indicate that official news has arrived. Of course, the plan may have changed a bit in the last few months, delaying this part.

It will be frankly novel news in the console gaming space. The console is always a walled garden where platform holders can set their fees, conventionally set at 30% .If Microsoft cuts the fee to just 12% on Xbox as well, it might be a model that will appeal to developers to parade. Come to the platform. It will also be interesting to see how and how rivals Sony and Nintendo will respond to such important business-style changes.

In another internal Microsoft document entitled ‘Executive Portfolio Update’, we also learned the extras for some of the ID @ XBOX games, undoubtedly the most important of which is GSC Game World’s STALKER 2, which will be a very special console. Three months time This suggests developers are free to release on PlayStation 5 after the end of the exclusive deal.

There is also an estimated release date window of the Q4 2021, although this document is from August 2020 and the delay is unlikely. Additionally, the slides below highlight a six-month special in A ‘connected update’ for Tetris Effect: Connected and a perennial exclusive deal for The Gunk means the game will never be released on any other console.

Microsoft provides an enhanced Bluetooth audio experience with Build 21370 for insiders.

That is all the pertinent information we can find. Instead, we’ll be investigating any reports of Microsoft or other gaming companies through Epic v. Apple court documents.

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