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Star Wars Instant Pots are dropping all the time before May 4th.

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May 4 is fast approaching, so you know what that means – a timely Star Wars-themed merchandise deal, two Williams Sonoma’s Instant Pots Star Wars badges have put up. Available at Amazon at the highest discount price we’ve ever seen. You can pick up 6-quart Instant Pots with Darth Vader and R2D2 themes for $ 60 each, 40 percent off the regular $ 100 price if you still love The Child from. MandalorianYou can grab “The Child Little Bounty”

; Instant Pot directly from Williams Sonoma for $ 60 as well.

Buy 6-qt R2D2 Instant Pot on Amazon – $ 60 Buy 6-qt Darth Vader Instant Pot on Amazon – $ 60 Buy 6-qt The Child Instant Pot at Williams Sonoma – $ 60.

Instant Pots are the most popular cooking utensils as they can replace rice cookers, yogurt makers, slow cookers and pressure cookers. The latter function allows you to cook at an accelerated rate for dishes such as shredded pork and chicken curry. At the same time, it’s totally automatic, so you just have to add ingredients, press a few buttons and walk away.

The Star Wars-themed models are the same as the classic Instant Pot models, but add fun branding to the Star Wars franchise, including models for Chewbacca, BB-8 and Storm Trooper on top of the model. Both sell Suffice to say it was a fun gift. (Including yourself), but act fast, as Star Wars days will arrive in less than a week.

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