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Starfield will be exclusive to Xbox and PC, there is no PS5 version.

Only Starfield

More than that Starfield News is starting to come out as the highly anticipated Bethesda title is only available for Xbox and PC.

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“Starfield is exclusive to Xbox and PC,” said Venture Beat correspondent Jeff Grubb. “Moment. This is, I confirm that.” No console game was previously announced, although some fans are still hoping it will arrive on PlayStation consoles.

This wasn’t shocking news when Microsoft bought Bethesda, but it’s an important statement. Fall out and Elder Scrolls It is extremely popular on PlayStation consoles, so it means Microsoft has a potential vendor of StarfieldMicrosoft has yet to release a next generation of premium games, so expect the games to follow suit and run on a wide variety of Xbox systems, from the low-end Xbox One to the high-end Xbox Series X.

Earlier today there were images from the 2018 build have been leaked from the game. Clearly, a lot of improvements have been made since then, and we’ll be seeing them shortly. The game has been hinted at for years by Bethesda and is said to be the sci-fi equivalent of SkyrimIt was officially revealed in 2018, but hasn’t been seen much since.

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Current rumors indicate that Bethesda will reveal the game at E3 2021, despite hints that it may be released this fall, despite some controversy between reports. Either way, Microsoft is doing a lot of work, too. Starfield And it will continue to be used as the Xbox marquee title.Expect to hear more soon and likely at Micorosft’s press conference in June.

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