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States pursue impeachment against China over ‘hostile’ role in COVID-19 epidemic

Over a year of the COVID-19 outbreak, two Republican states have sought to hold China accountable for the spread of the virus that has killed hundreds of thousands of Americans and sparked an economic downturn. The US has not recovered.

Both Mississippi and Missouri sued China in federal court in the early stages of last year̵

7;s outbreak, joining several class-action lawsuits against Beijing at a time when the Trump administration blamed China as “an illegal act”. The main culprit in the epidemic

MISSISSIPPI AG ON CHINA LAW: Beijing ‘Can’t Decide and Get America’s Advantage’

The virus is believed to have originated in Wuhan and the secret communist government has been accused of ignoring the virus and misleading the world in the early days of the epidemic, leaving other countries, including the United States, exposed and lacking time to prepare.

Legal experts warn that cases face prolonged risks as foreign governments are generally impunity from domestic lawsuits. But that doesn’t mean Republican states have plans to abandon China’s responsibility.

“Mississippi family and businesses deserve to be maximized for China’s malicious and harmful actions,” Attorney General Lynn Fitch said in a statement this week. “The case is currently undergoing justice and we sincerely hope there will be an opportunity to pursue justice for the Mississippi.”

Summons were issued to the Communist Party of China and a number of Chinese ministries by a Mississippi court in December, according to the WLBT, as well as the Wuhan Institute of Virology, which believes the virus may have escaped.

The United States worries hundreds that Chinese government-funded scientists could be blamed by China.

Missouri became the first state to file a lawsuit against China in April last year, accusing the country of being liable for the severity of the coronavirus outbreak and seeking compensation for damages. “The enormous loss of life, human suffering and economic turmoil” are the result of disease.

The case stated that the epidemic after “The campaign of deception, concealing of faults and the neglect of the Chinese authorities”

“During the crucial week of the first outbreak, Chinese authorities deceive citizens, crack down on vital information, arrest whistleblowers, denying human-to-human transmission as the growing evidence destroys critical medical research. Millions of people revealed Viruses and even hoarding personal protective equipment – thus creating an unnecessary and preventable global epidemic, it said.

MISSOURI filed a lawsuit against China for the impact. ‘The reduction of the corona virus’

The suit seeks to provide the Chinese government, the CCP and other related organizations. “Stop engaging in unusually dangerous activities, recoup the costs of state downgrade efforts and pay compensation and other damages …”

The state of Missouri said the case continued more than a year later.

“We are working on other means of service and are working as quickly as possible in this case,” Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt’s office told Fox News this week. Is committed to holding the Chinese government accountable for its role in the epidemic. “

The prosecution has been partially hindered by the Foreigner Sovereignty Protection Act (FSIA), which limits Americans’ ability to sue foreign governments except in certain circumstances. Missouri tried to avoid that by prosecuting the Chinese Communist Party itself. Meanwhile, other Republican lawmakers have tried to reform the FSIA so that the public can sue China.

The push comes despite the Biden’s administration reverting to the rhetoric and actions of the Trump administration in response to China’s role in the virus epidemic.

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Trump often calls COVID-19 the “Chinese virus”, something President Biden has avoided. At the same time, Trump withdrew the United States from the World Health Organization because of the bias in favor of China, the Biden administration reversed that move.

In February, however, the Biden administration expressed “deep concerns” about an investigation into China’s coronavirus manipulation over concerns about Chinese interference in the investigation.

Fox News’ Tyler Olson and Julia Musto contributed to this report.

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