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Stats summary: 3 numbers behind Mavericks beat the Heat, 127-113.

After a rough first quarter at the Miami Heat, eight out of nine of the three Dallas Mavericks were torn down 97-74 to bury the 127-113 heat, but if you’re here, you probably know. Already and have read the summary (Otherwise click here)

The Mavericks are under the heat, and here are some of the important stats after the game.

24: Minutes for the rookie to the screen for Shgreen.

Green’s time on court has been up in recent races, but his time on the floor with Miami means the most in any season. His intervention in the defense gave Dallas a spark of power they would often play without. He played a frenzied defense by bashing Dallas three out of six, grabbing four rebounds, three assists and four, scoring from a placement he was so high in the air. Seems to float

The crowds were shouting more for the Green for weeks, if only to see something different and in a game where the Mavericks needed a spark, he provided it. It is impossible to say if he will see the ground again. But one is hoping that at least he will be considered more moving forward.

0: Three Created by Tim Hardaway Jr.

Ten people from outside the bow on Tuesday night were a new high for Hardaway and tied for franchise history to Dallas, hosted by Wesley Matthews and George Macleod.

It’s likely we’ll be writing more about Hardaway Jr., but it feels silly not to admit his flames are coming from a distance. He’s close to breaking the record in fourth as well, with a few Luke nearly falling.

18: Positive-negative for Luka Doncic, Josh Green, Dorian Finney-Smith, Tim Hardaway Jr. and Dwight Powell line-ups.

I know the deal on one game, plus-minus, but I can’t help but get excited about this unit as Luka Doncic and the hard-hitting guy moving without the ball and Hardaway capable of bombing from across the floor. There is a lot of stance in Dallas’ attacking game and sometimes it is by design, so it’s always fun to watch a man move without the ball.

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