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Stephen Colbert at a press conference. Taylor Swift reveals who “Hey Stephen” is.

10:02 PM PDT 4/13/2021


Trilby Beresford

The singer appeared on Tuesday’s ‘The Late Show’ where she made a late night MC with her fans.

Taylor Swift appeared on Show line On Tuesday night to set a record for who Stephen is in her song “Hey Stephen”. Brave The album is part of the songbook that the singer has re-recorded.

Colbert commented that the song was about him and pressed Swift to confirm. “I recorded that song in 2008. I think I was eighteen,”

; she said, ignoring that suggestion. “That’s right, I’m younger, too,” said the nighttime host. Swift then told the exact age he was in that year, 44 years, 179 days, or spent hours.

“As I said, I’m a big fan,” the singer told Colbert. Then he thanked her for sending them the autographed CD. “Oh yeah, you know I signed you Stephen with PH. I sent it to Colbert Report, 513 West 54th St, New York, 10019, the second floor office facing the street.”

Colbert pressed the singer again: “Are you sure” Hey Stephen? “It’s not about me.” “When it comes to getting back into the ‘correct headspace’ to truly record a new song, Swift has brought out her old mood board, which contains a shot of Colbert.

But she continued to explain how the song was not written about him. “Hey Stephen, it’s not more about you than my 1989 album, about that year you spent time waiting for a table in the middle of the day. [an Italian restaurant] In an area north of the Chicago River, where, on the way, serves a really incredible slice of pizza. She pointed to the picture of the pizza on the mood board.

At this point Stephen wanted to know who the song was about. “If you really want to know who it is and it sounds like it, I never shared it with anyone before, but ‘Hey Stephen’ is about Stephen King,” Swift said.

The singer went on to say that “He’s amazing. Dark tower The series changed my life plus Shine, TripodAnd don’t even let me start his short story Absolutely glow “

As the two went back and forth, Swift explained what the real song would be about Stephen Colbert. “It’s too obvious to call it hey Stephen … the composition is all about the details, so you say, ‘Hey Stephen, I love you on TV and everything you do on the daily show. Law and OrderYou’re 5’11, Tyrone, your middle name, Social Security number is 3 … “After cutting her off as she called the number, Colbert exclaimed,” No matter how much you say ‘Hey Stephen’ about. With me, I always get that strong feeling. “

“That seems to be a matter for you to take action. But what about that feeling, maybe you should be in yourself, I think it’s something you should process, then take on the feeling you feel and just shake it up. It’s closed, right? But that The song is all about you. “

When Swift’s cell phone rang, she answered the call. “Oh, it’s Stephen King, I have to go.”

Watch all the bits below.

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