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Stephen Colbert Rages at Republicans calling for ‘Unity’ after Capitol Riot.

Even as the FBI began arresting agitators who attacked the US agency last week, Stephen Colbert asked, “Do you know who hasn’t taken terrorism seriously? president.”

During his period Late show On Tuesday night’s monologue, the host re-reported that President Trump blamed the riots of “Anti-Pharaohs” in a call with Kevin McCarthy, the leader of the House Minority this week.

“What are you talking about ?!” Colbert exclaimed. “You invited those rioters to a rally in Washington. They wear your shirt, your hat, your flag! And they cheer you up when you tell them to marching in the city hall. From now on, neuroscientists will collect images like these for stroke victims and say, Can you tell me who these supporters are? ̵

6;And if they don’t say, ‘They’re MAGAs.’ You know it’s time to get the keys. ‘

The “Antifa excuse” was “ridiculous,” said the host, “even Kevin McCarthy’s spine-free zone” pushed back against the president. McCarthy had the ability to name the truth in the face of the president’s lie – it’s like discovering that Tom Hanks. Throw away There is a boat all the time! “

As for what to come next, Colbert did not hold enough hope that Republicans would be willing to vote for Trump to be removed from office in his final week. Ligans wanted their supporters to really like them, ”he said.“ I mean their hands were tied – almost literally. ”

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