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Steve Nash said there was a lack of continuity, the ‘gaps’ that Brooklyn Nets had to build.

After dropping a series of games to the Milwaukee Bucks, the Brooklyn Nets are examining a pattern that has been repeated this season that has left the continuity that many Eastern Conference counterparts have made for the guys. he

The Nets fell to Bucks 124-118, despite 32 points from Kevin Durant and 38 from Kyrie Irving, the loss sparked the familiarity of the Bucks core built on several deep play-off rounds.

“That’s a big factor,” Durant later said. “Continuity is a big deal in this league.”

The Nets ‘injury misfortune has hindered connections within teams that are already based in building with many new players to merge.The Nets’ Big Three of Durant, Irving and James Harden have only played. Seven games together When they only had Irving and Durant on the floor and no Harden as they did now, the nets are at 7-8.

Meanwhile, the Bucks are making strides and winning six of their past eight games.Giannis Antetokounmpo, who has 36 points on Tuesday night, found a stroke from the 3-point line. The Nets are the first in his career, according to ESPN’s research, statistics and data.

Chris Middleton, who played alongside Antetokounmpo Come eight seasons, there are 23 points on Tuesday, shooting 4-on-4 from a three-point range.

“We have a space to build up here,” said Net coach Steve Nash. “We understand that is the same attacking team, playing together, the same defensive strategy for years, going through the playoffs and that’s what we don’t have, so how do we make that gap? Our short life is headed home here. “

The Nets are working to rapidly create chemistry while also being a playoff seed jockey. Brooklyn’s Milwaukee loss put the Philadelphia 76ers in the driver’s seat to take the lead at the Eastern Conference. Philadelphia, which had lost consecutive games to the Bucks in late April, now has two games in the Los Angeles column in Brooklyn.The Sixers, holding a strap with the Nets, have the easiest schedule in the NBA, according to. BPI

The Nets’ losses to the Bucks are all but confident Brooklyn and Milwaukee will finish second and third in the East, although the order they end up must be considered.The Nets are the only games in the losing column. But Milwaukee secured a tie-break with these two wins.

Durant said he believes one of the benefits of the Nets is having a veteran. While they don’t play all of those games together, Brooklyn’s players have individual playoff experiences. Durant is a two-time NBA Finals MVP. In 2016, Jeff Green and Joe Harris were also in the Cleveland finalists Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan, both playing playoffs with the Lob City Clippers.

“We have veterans on this team playing in different situations who know the terminology that happens in this league and every set we run on both sides,” Durant said. “That’s our advantage as well. Having an experienced leader But we’re still a connected group. “

Durant said that because of that experience he felt like the team “had been together for many years” even though it had only been one season. Durant added: “We have to keep building on that.”

Nash summed up the rest of the Nets’ regular-season goals as trying to return to perfect health and to try. “Overcome the lack of common experience”

“That’s as much of a challenge for us as anything,” Nash said. “As we do that, can we have more bodies? Can we connect more? Can we manage and control? Some controls that can help us stay in these games and win some while we are trying. Pieces together? ”

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