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Steve Sarkisian wants to catch a big fish.

Steve Sarkizian’s first move in Austin came shortly before the new Texas head coach got off the plane.

On Tuesday, the first puzzle of the 2022 recruiting circuit emerged as Armani Winfield committed to Texas. It was only the second recruit to be pledged to come to Austin after Paison Wilson was discharged in early October. Another was the No. 1 overall opportunity of the class in Southlake Carroll quarterback Quinn Ewers. We’ve heard the shaking of second-thought Jaylon Guilbreau. But he never pulled the plug.

We all know the story of Ewers, he was born to be a Longhorn, he is a huge fan of the team, which seems to give Texas a leg up on the recruiting journey. Former head coach Tom Herman and offensive coordinator Mike Yurzic were able to maintain his commitment to playing for the Longhorns, then Herman and the company continued with a loss to Tek. Sass Christians and Oklahoma just weeks later.

Now former Alabama and National Championship defender Greg McElroy thinks Sarkisian needs to hunt the big game in the 2022 class, according to 247Sports, Sark needs to be the next defender guru.

“Sark has to be the next defender guru… Tutagoviloa and McJones have both had an amazing season under Sarkisian̵

7;s measures, and for the most part, because he caused a lot of problems to Defend with match and forward and forward moves, ”McElroy said Wednesday at College Football Live.“ And he also makes a remarkably easy defender. He was required to sign for the remarkably acclaimed recruitment of the class of 2022. “

Considering what happened in the past months of the show, one would think it went without saying that Sark wanted the big fish, starting with Winfield, which many consider to be the top target. Of Texas to head north to Buckeye state, joining Caleb Burton and the Ewers, McElroy went on to say which big fish Sark ‘could’ go.

“That recruit might play at Southlake Carroll and his name could be Quinn Ewers. He committed Texas before switching and traveling to Ohio. If he signs a contract with Texas, it will signal that there is a new sheriff in Austin and that is the destination for proactive talent to flock to. If he can move, then there’s a chance that it is rightfully sending shockwaves across the college football world. ”

Texas felt those tremors twice before, when Ewers first said he would come to Texas it raised a lot of eyebrows. Top talent across the country began to think about wearing burnt oranges beside him. Forty acres felt those tremors a second time when he reopened and finally decided on Ohio. The Dragons defender will then take Burton wide in Austin with him.

Ewers has developed a strong relationship with Ryan Day and the Buckeyes crew to the point where he decided to play there instead of in his hometown. It is also worth noting that Sarkisian developed a good relationship with Texas products, whether he said that there was no Texas and Sarkisian, what did he have to cost running towards him?

As Ewers talked about his decision to go to Ohio State, it swirled with going to the NFL, so far it hasn’t appeared that Coach Day was able to produce an NFL quarterback, not to say he couldn’t. But it is not yet evident with Sarkisian, he can point to all the defenders he has sent to the NFL in his system.Sark is about to send another in Crimson Tide defender Mac Jones.

Ewers, Gunner Stockton or any other top defender, it’s official hunting season.

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