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Stock Xbox Series X: Walmart and Best Buy – When and Where to Buy?

Walmart Xbox Series X updates: The big Walmart Xbox Series X we’ve been expecting, even though it’s always said it’s a small chance. But it doesn’t seem to happen today, April 22nd, according to Xbox follow Twitter Matt Swider, he’ll send you a notification when Walmart or other stores have their Xbox Series X consoles in stock. Amazon yesterday helped a lot of people claim Microsoft’s consoles, and now all eyes are on Antonline today and Best Buy tomorrow to see if there is an Xbox or PS5 stock in the next 24 hours. Page or not

Matt Swider will also send you a notification. Notice – If you follow his account

Our Xbox Series X restock notification looks like this (preview):

Xbox Series X stocked with matt swider

(Image credit: future)

There’s a US store that might have a console anytime soon, Antonline will always have a Microsoft console first (a quarter) – if it will drop Xbox (promises it will). We don’t see a stock Target date today, April 22nd, so next week it looks very plausible, and the Walmart Xbox’s stock replenishment hopes are slimmer in This afternoon, Best Buy restock may happen tomorrow, Friday, April 23 (the whole month since Best Buy has the latest console inventory).

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