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Stolen election myths stir up major GOP matches.

But Wood, who recently moved to South Carolina from Georgia this year, is attracting an unusually large crowd as he campaigned, arguing unfounded that the election was stolen from Trump and that GOP officials needed to fight. Continue to prove It’s a belief that runs deeply amid the party’s base, the truth that has brought into clear focus this week when House Republican Republican Liz Cheney removed Wyoming from her leadership position because she told Trump. And his followers lied about the stolen election.

In the background, Wood attempted to condemn McKissick for admitting Biden was president.

“Vote for McKissick if you accept the election,”

; Wood wrote Thursday to his 848,000 members on Telegram’s social media app, where he showed McKissick footage to acknowledge the reality of the college’s election results.

“Unlike McKissick, President Trump has never accepted an election, I neither,” Wood wrote. Our president I pray that SCGOP representatives make a wise choice. “

The race brings together the best-organized Republicans in the country and one of the foremost – South Carolina hosts the first presidential election in the South.

Wood reaches out to Trump’s unproven claims that the election was stolen from the former president. He feeds on wild animals The conspiracy theory states that Biden was actually dead, replaced by a doubling of his body, and that Trump is still president and plans to expose himself in a phoenix-like manner to punish his enemies.

And, like Trump, Wood accused Mackissik of election corruption without any evidence even before the first vote on Saturday.

“This makes internal cancer worse,” said Joel Sawyer, a former executive director of the South Carolina GOP.

“What happens on Saturday is McKissick will win, and Lin Wood is going to say it’s fraud and scream and shout for conspiracy theories,” Sawyer said. The delegation level reflects the fact that the former president’s electoral fraud claims are free. But now these people must defend their righteousness. Of this election But they do not have much moral authority to argue without facts.

Supporters of McKissick have distributed leaflets that mention all Democrats that have received financial support in the past and have published videos on social media about the many controversies that have swirled around lawyers since the prosecution. Former colleagues to the adoption of QAnon, to investigations into potential fraudulent Georgia voters.

McKissick’s dedication to Trump is hardly a doubt: He abolished the 2020 gross GOP in the state, depriving former Republican Gov. Mark Sanford, who tried to challenge Trump – Chances are to hear his message, McKissick is also the chairperson of the party’s massive success in the 2020 election.

But Wood, who was involved in several failed lawsuits to overturn the November election results, insisted that McKissick did not support Trump and the post-election “stop stealing” movement.

On Friday, Trump issued McKissick’s endorsement, the second time the former president has publicly sponsored the chair since Wood entered the race and the third time all. But Wood is constantly trying to question whether McKissick has actually been endorsed by Trump.

Two days earlier, at the “Pints ​​& Politics” forum hosted by the Post and Courier newspaper McKissick, made a subtle balancing act when asked if Biden was the correct president.

“In terms of the electoral college, yes. He was awarded Electoral College, ”McKissick said, noting Biden was“ certified ”as a winner.

Those arguments, however, have fallen with the wing of the party with QAnon that infiltrated and deeply impressed Trump. The result was a remarkable race, even by South Carolina’s sharp elbow standards.

Wood has gone so far as to reach a dark insult that McKissick hasn’t done enough to stop him. The “real epidemic” of pornography and suggested he needed to resign because An unspecified “evil activity” with GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham Wood also called the coronavirus outbreak a “epidemic”, saying it was part of the organizing plan.

“The GOP race and especially the chair competition in South Carolina has always been a circus,” said former Party Executive Director Luke B. Ars. “But this is the first time for many of us to talk. Together like crazy at the party I don’t think anyone reaches this level. “

Byars and other party figures say Wood is controlling about 25 percent of the party and its representatives, who appear to need change after every election and tend to convince a challenger who pledged to be more conservative than the establishment – though. Founded in South Carolina to be It is the most conservative group in the country.

The state meeting will be different this year due to the coronavirus. It will still be held in the Colombian capital, but the Covid protocol and distance rules make it too difficult to maintain an indoor facility large enough to hold a total of 870 delegates who will vote to elect the next chair. According to the information of the party officials

The result is that delegates’ voting will be dropped into hand-marked paper ballots and will take place at a satellite conference in each county or at a regional convention. The election results will then be sent to the party headquarters. This process will be streamed live.

Wood has raised concerns about the process, and McKissick’s partners have personally acknowledged that it could benefit the incumbents because Wood’s strength is public speaking and raising the crowd. Satellite conferencing removes all the excitement and pyrotechnics that could benefit Wood.

“Having a meeting is like smoking in a barn full of hay,” said one McKissick partner, referring to former Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, explaining that infatuation can suddenly ignite in a large room where Filled with political activists?

“It’s an internal baseball game and Drew has been playing ball in the GOP for a while,” said former Sanford governor.

For Wood’s candidacy and the conspiracy theories he is spreading in pursuit of that chair, Sanford said it was “a reminder of the fact that Trump is sad yet dead. We will be having these conversations for a long time. “

GOP strategist Wes Donehue said he thought, “Wood’s candidate was not an instant burger. But in the long run, everyone should pay attention. The base is angry and questioning everyone and everyone who has lived for more than two years. “

One senior McKissick alliance expressed similar concerns, saying: “There is a constant passion for our party and our conservative members. But it is as if some people are insane and we are concerned that it will be contagious. ”

Former GOP state chairman Katon Dawson, who has seen his share of the knife fight within the party, said he was not concerned about Wood’s bid.He said Wood could not win because he was too new for the state.

“You don’t just show up in South Carolina, buy a farm and become Republican president,” Dawson said. “Lin Wood can’t pick a dog catcher.”

Dawson said he was more concerned about Trump not announcing plans for a presidential election until it was too late in 2024 that others would effectively manage. If Trump decides not to work But not communicating quickly enough could make it harder for other Republicans to build solid campaigns in the state and beyond, Dawson said.

But Sawyer, the party’s former executive director, said party leaders need to focus on the conspiracy theories that Wood – and Trump has enacted, or the GOP, could lose another presidential election.

“Republicans will have to decide where the peak is in all these conspiracy theories,” he said.

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