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Storm Chaser lost a drone in a tornado close-up shot.

Storm hunter Brian Emfinger was taking an aerial picture of a tornado near Yazoo City, Mississippi, as it approached him and his drone. While the shots were stunning, Emfinger said the storm “was almost over” and his drone was gone.

Emfinger is a self-explanatory weather and storm hunter for as long as he remembers what interests include extreme or unusual weather in any form.Emfinger has been a KATV Channel 7 photographer in Little Rock, Arkansas throughout three. Last year

“In addition to lightning storm chasing, meteor photography and waterfall hunting, other things people seem to associate with me are drones,”

; Emfinger wrote on his website. The first in the country to use drones (or UAS) for news gathering. I use it primarily for weather-related news events such as floods and storm damage. ”

Emfinger’s “frantically closed” video, originally shared on Reddit, was the result of his drone getting caught in the tornado tides, causing him to eventually lose connection to it due to the giant system disconnected.

“The tornado was catching me – I was near / under the drone – unfortunately the drones didn’t,” Emfinger said. The sound came from my controller that I was holding, and you could hear the tornado, that’s how close I am. ”

Fortunately, he escaped and was able to share some of the remarkable footage of his drone captured before it was lost.

Emfinger had just returned from Iceland where he joined thousands of people enjoying the eruption there.

In addition to the photos he shared on Twitter, Emfinger uploaded a 45-minute video full of striking images of the eruption from different angles and captured at different times of the day.

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