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Stray Kids Shares Thoughts On ‘Kingdom’ Members’ Most Improved Victory What they learned from BTOB and more

Stray Kids have shared their thoughts on the amazing run and win in “Kingdom: Legendary War,” a memorable performance. and many more!

“Kingdom”, the male version of Mnet’s original competition show “Queendom,” features THE BOYZ (preliminary title winner “Road to Kingdom), Stray Kids, ATEEZ, BTOB, iKON and SF9.

In addition to earning first-round performance benefit points, Stray Kids took first place in various categories throughout subsequent rounds, including expert evaluation. self-assessment Performance video views and votes from fans around the world. In the end, they took first place with the highest total digital portfolio. Vote from fans around the world and the highest score from the previous round.

Their new song “WOLFGANG” ranked in the top 1

0 on Apple Music charts in 28 countries around the world and in the top 10 on iTunes charts in 13 countries on the latest Billboard World Digital Song Sales Chart “WOLFGANG”. Debuted at No. 4 and No. 109 on Billboard’s Global Excl. US chart. It ranks music based on streaming and sales data from hundreds of territories. except the United States

about their victory Leader Bangchan said “We’ve been working hard to put on a good performance on ‘Kingdom,’ but we would like to thank many people, especially STAY. [Stray Kids’ official fan club]After receiving such positives in our winnings. We believe this is a trophy given to us so that we can work harder. In the future, we will be humble and show a good image.”

Out of all their performances, Lee Know, Felix, and Seungmin chose the most memorable debut performance of “MIROH”. As their most innovative performance, Lee Know, Felix, and IN chose a combination of BLACKPINK’s “God’s Menu” and “DDU-DU DDU-DU.”

At the start of the mashup show The group paid homage to “Deadpool,” which caught the attention of original actor Ryan Reynolds. Bang Chan commented, “To be honest, I still can’t believe it! Not only Ryan Reynolds, but Hugh Jackman also talks about Stray Kids, so it still feels like a dream. We’re Patiently Waiting For The ‘Deadpool’ Mask Ryan Reynolds Promised To Send after we received I plan on uploading pictures too!”

At the press conference, Kingdom Stray Kids shared that the sunbaes they wanted to learn the most were BTOB about what they learned. Changbin explained that “I felt a lot while watching the sunbae I liked the most and always thought it was really cool. It’s not just their performance. But I wanted to emulate their passion for music and performance. Like the talent they have as singers in their 10th year of promotion.”

Felix added, “I’m the type of person who puts a lot of emphasis on performing on stage. After watching BTOB’s performance, I thought, ‘Acting isn’t everything,’ and was able to expand my thinking.”

Although the group has grown noticeably But Lee No and Changbin both picked Seungmin as the most mature member on the show and received a lot of attention for his vocal abilities.

When asked what “Kingdom” means to Stray Kids, Seungmin replied, “’Kingdom’ is a show that allows us to look back at ourselves with a broader perspective and think again about the future of Stray Kids. we I am delighted to have the opportunity to show the public what kind of group we are. I am also happy that after working hard Our members can show how much we have grown.”

He continued, “Because we can be number one thanks to our STAY more than anything. I believe this is an opportunity for us to realize once again how valuable STAY is. I also think it is an opportunity for our members to grow. So I think it will still be a really good memory.”

for their fans all over the world Bangchan commented that “I believe this is all thanks to STAY. I think this is an outcome that cannot be achieved on our own. As this is a valuable contribution we have received from STAY, we will do everything we can in the future to show a positive image and give STAY many more gifts.”

Han shared, “Thank you so much. In fact, I’m a little scared of what will happen if we make fans. Disappointed or leaving a sad show, but STAY came together and comforted us instead. I believe the support, power, and love you’ve sent us over the past 100 days has made this great result. Thank you very much. In the future, we will work harder and become Stray Kids always improving!”

Finally, regarding their plans to move forward, Lee Know commented. “Just because we won It doesn’t mean that much will change. just like now We will continue to communicate with STAY and make the songs and performances we want to do.”

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