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Suddenly, the Knicks were on shaky ground in the NBA finals.

LOS ANGELES – Derrick Rose summed up the misery the Knicks felt on Tuesday night at the Staples Center after they had a chance to win their first runner-up since 2013.

“It’s tough and tough,” Rose said after losing to the Knicks 101-99.

Rose is one of the goats – letting Lakers’ Wesley Matthews help kick him out to put the thriller back into overtime. Rose was also on the defensive when Talen Horton-Tucker punched a 3-pointer win over the game over time.

“At the end of tomorrow night, when you wake up, you have to be forgetful,” Rose said. “But now the f-king is hard, I can’t even lie. When you get in the mood for hard play, you get lost in the game. You want the results to be in your favor and it̵

7;s terrible, it’s bad. ”

It will be a long flight. The Knicks will fly home Wednesday from La-La Land after 11 days, 3-3 very strong western swings. But ended bitterly, the Knicks technique returned in sixth with the loss of the Lakers.

A magical number to grab a playoff title. The (top six) remained No. 1, with the Knicks returning to the park on Thursday hosting Spurs, not an easy enemy.

In fact, the road to avoiding play-in matches doesn’t look fresh.The Knicks (38-31) are in a fourth three-way tie against Atlanta and Miami. But the Hawks won the Tigers as a division champion, and the Heat swept a season series from the Knicks.

Tom Thibodeau’s Knicks have been resilient and mentally tough all season long. But this was a real punch at Staples Center, they scored 10 points in the fourth quarter and gained one point advantage in the last 20 seconds of overtime to stop history.

It was not outside the scope of the possibility for the Celtics to defeat the unfortunate Cavalier on Wednesday night and then knock down the dire Timberwolves. The road-weary Knicks may stumble in a quick turn against Spurs and upset the Hornets.

That will set up an all-ages garden battle for the playoffs against the Celtics at Sunday’s shorthand. If the Knicks conceded a goal and fell into the game, they would have lost twice after the season.

Knicks NBA Playoffs 2021 Derrick Rose
Knicks Guard Derrick Rose dribbles the Lakers on May 11, 2021.
NBAE via Getty Images

“It’s tough,” Randle says of the loss of the Lakers, “but we can control our destiny, so rest, go home and finish the job.”

Indeed, but they will need a strong RJ Barrett to be Randle’s right-hand man Barrett has played every game this season and he looks mentally and physically exhausted in Los Angeles by leaving. Horrible outdoors that cost them money on this game. Barrett’s sloppy inlet pass in Phoenix was critical in that loss too.

Thibodeau may have regretted putting Barrett, 20, on the floor in their final overtime possession with the Lakers.What they received was a 3-point prayer from Barrett at the bell.He finished 2-of-13 for eight – 0. -of-7 from land 3 points

The Knicks were also massively dependent on Rose, who was unfamiliar with these beginners’ minutes, even though he was off the bench.Rose played 39 minutes with the Lakers.

Peyton started the first half and the second half, then came out after seven minutes and never returned. Peyton has two meeting points on the itinerary. Can Rose tolerate tolls?

The last three games of the expedition, the Knicks, lacked back-bench assistance in the Alex Burgs. (Bruised on the knee) and Immanuel Quigley. (Sprained ankle)

With COVID-19, a sprained ankle and bruised knee, Habsburg missed 11 out of 13 games, so it’s hard to imagine him coming back to sharpen.

Quickley is also a rookie who has never played this game before.Quickley was injured late last week from the Nuggets’ explosive loss last week, still on the field when the Knicks dropped 31 points. In the fourth quarter

Randle blamed for the loss of the Lakers – “Put me on a little” – but that was lip service. He was the last to blame as he played over Anthony Davis all night with 31 points (Davis finished with 20).

After the final buzzer, LeBron James wore his best tennis shirt and shorts and hugged Randle.

The Knicks needed LeBron’s luck to rub off the franchise to keep this fairy-tale season from crashing and burning.

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