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Summer is here: US Airlines launched a bunch of new routes last week.

May 27 and 28 are milestones in the United States as Breeze Airways receives a lot of thunder. The unofficial start of the summer was in full swing. The airline opened hundreds of new routes and connected new passengers. Here are just some of the highlights from last week.

Southwest United Getty
Airlines from Southwest to United have launched new routes in the past few days. Image: Getty Images

Breeze Airways launches

The highlight of the week is Breeze Airways, which took off on Thursday, May 27. The newest airline in the United States, Breeze Airways connects Tampa with Charleston. Many new routes are on the airline’s horizon.

After that establishment The airline has opened flights from Charleston to Hartford. Connecticut and Louisville, Kentucky on May 28. Tampa and Louisville also reconnected on May 28. Over the next two weeks, Breeze Airways will begin flying from Norfolk, Virginia

Breeze Airways
Breeze Airways in operation Photo: “Breeze Airways”

Southwest Airlines arrives in two vacation-focused cities.

Southwest Airlines enters two new cities in a major way. Service to Myrtle Beach South Carolina Service began on May 23, first service to Nashville, Baltimore and Chicago. On Saturday, May 29, service to Dallas and Pittsburgh from Myrtle Beach begins. Then on June 6, new flights to Atlanta, Columbus, Indianapolis, Kansas City and St. Louis. will start from Myrtle Beach

Boeing 737 . Southwest
Southwest Airlines launches service at Myrtle Beach. Image: Getty Images

meanwhile At Bozeman Yellowstone Southwest International Airport, flights to a number of destinations have been opened. Including Las Vegas, Bozeman will also see links to Chicago, Dallas and Phoenix this summer.

United adds point-to-point service

United Airlines began point-to-point service on May 28. The airline offers new coastline services from Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus, St. Louis, Pittsburgh, Milwaukee and Indianapolis. The airline connects these cities with places like Charleston, Hilton Head, Myrtle Beach, Pensacola, Savannah and Portland (Maine).

These services use a mix of regional jets. One of the more popular jets that United uses on these services is the CRJ550, a premium 50-seat jet in United’s regional fleet. These flights complement United’s point-to-point strategy at launch. last year

United Airlines has turned to the CRJ550 to add a new point-to-point service. Photo: “United Airlines”

Delta turned to various routes.

At the same time, Delta Airlines has turned its attention to international networks. Delta Resumes Non-Stop Service Between New York-JFK and Athens to Iceland Delta Air Lines Resumes Non-Stop Service Between Minneapolis and Reykjavik Iceland

Weekend services from Detroit, Los Angeles and New York-JFK launched in Anchorage, Alaska, from the heart of Seattle. Delta resumes nonstop summer service in the summer to Juneau, Ketchikan and Sitka. Delta is also launching flights to Bozeman from Seattle.

Delta expands its recreational domestic flight to destinations such as Bozeman, Glacier Park, Missoula, Jackson Hole, Fresno and Rapid City between Friday and Saturday. This is part of Delta’s massive domestic schedule additions for the summer.

Delta Boeing 757
Delta has also embarked on a domestic expansion. Image: Getty Images

Ultra low-cost airlines are also growing.

On May 27, Spirit Airlines also opened services to two new cities. The airline has added St. Louis and Louisville to its route network. at the same time The airline also announced expansions from both cities.

Spirit Getty
Spirit Airlines arrives in St. Louis and Louisville this week. Image: Getty Images

Allegiant Air starts a new route. He grew up from Boston, Austin and Bozeman, Destin-Fort Walton Beach, Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Nashville, San Diego, Portland (Oregon), etc.

Allegiant is also launching a new route. Image: Getty Images

Frontier Airlines has also expanded its operations in Miami. The airline has launched a new route from Miami to Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Why now?

It might seem odd that Thursday and Friday randomly see the largest number of new routes launched in one day compared to any other day. mostly in the calendar But the airline deliberately designated these flights.

Monday, May 31st, is the day of death. When school is over and warm weather spreads across the country. Americans show interest in going up in the sky. With ongoing vaccinations and restrictions starting to drop, US airlines It has launched a new non-stop service to many new cities.

Passenger Getty
Routes return to major US airports. As Americans take to the skies for Memorial Day. Image: Getty Images

The load factor increases and airlines are starting to increase fares. Airlines from United to American to Delta to Spirit benefit from passengers who show their willingness to board and go on vacation.

Many of the new routes launched in recent days are seasonal summer routes. So they brought their planes back from the desert and put them back in service.

This summer is going to be a big summer for airlines after a very difficult and difficult year 2020. airlines Starting to see light at the end of the tunnel

Memorial Day weekend marks the unofficial start of summer in the United States. The recovery is likely to accelerate in the coming months. Because many schools are closed during the summer semester. and families can travel back to the main attractions As a result, some airlines delay the launch of certain services in June and July.

Alaska Getty
America and Alaska Launch New Routes Ahead of Memorial Day In particular, Americans have expanded their operations in the New York area. Getty Images

Other airlines such as America and Alaska has launched many new routes both internationally and within the country In the weeks leading up to Memorial Day weekend, these carriers also offer new routes starting in June.

What will happen to the fare?

There will be some agreements to have. Airlines still have to boost demand with lower prices. Expect higher fare If you are looking for discounted fares Choose to buy products that are flexible.

There is certainly excess capacity in some markets such as Bozeman, for example. As a result, the load is often slightly lower than those very competitive destinations. The problem for many passengers is the connection bottleneck. While Denver to Bozeman flights may depart with less baggage Connecting flights from Austin to Denver may increase the overall itinerary as the Austin to Denver flights carry more baggage.

US Airlines Getty
There will be deals this summer if you are flexible and able to shop. Image: Getty Images

in addition to the fare Airlines are also battling a shortage of rental cars. and in some areas The availability of accommodation is also reduced.

Some options for deals may be overseas. International travel demand remains lower in 2019 despite opening up destinations. If you have to pay for domestic travel Turning your attention abroad may not hurt. This is especially true if you have been vaccinated.

Are you planning a summer trip? What new routes are you most excited about for the summer? Let us know in the comments!

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